What Keeping Christ in Christmas Really Means

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What Keeping Christ in Christmas Really Means

The Christmas season invokes our need for belonging more than any other time of the year. Perhaps it’s because we long for the warmth of meaningful relationships and the joy of sharing holiday traditions with those we love.

Or maybe it’s because deep down we know that home is what Christmas is truly about—our Savior becoming flesh to bring His children home. He is the firstborn of our eternal family. He is our home.

This is the victory we are called to proclaim to the world at Christmas: You belong.

Iraqi Refugee Camp - World Help

For millions of displaced refugees living a makeshift existence throughout Iraq, home is the furthest thing from their reality, and in most cases, the greatest longing of their hearts.

Instead of cozy nights by the fire with loved ones, they endure bitter cold temperatures without proper clothing or protection from the elements. Instead of joyful family gatherings, they grieve the unbearable loss of separation from loved ones. Instead of love and belonging . . . they are haunted by feelings of worthlessness.

As war and violence rages on throughout Iraq, these fragile dreams of home are becoming more and more elusive. Daily, thousands of men, women, and children are forced to relinquish their hopes of returning to the sense of security they once knew.

Iraqi Refugee Girl - World Help

Instead, they have resigned themselves to a dismal, uncertain future consumed by one thing alone: survival. With each day that drags on without the slightest glimmer of hope for reprieve, despair sinks more deeply into their hearts.

We need to go back home, and the most important thing is to feel safe, and that there’s someone who cares about us and protects us,” one refugee mother told us.

Right now, this Christmas, we have an opportunity to be a reflection of God’s love and protection to thousands of refugees. We can provide warmth and comfort through nourishing meals, winter clothing, life-saving medicine, warm blankets, wood-burning stoves, and so much more.

Displaced Iraqi Family - World Help

For these refugees, returning home remains a painful impossibility, but by taking action now, you can help us provide a powerful glimpse of the eternal home Jesus made possible at Christmas.

This year, keep Christ in Christmas by bringing His comfort and transformative hope to hurting families scattered throughout Iraq.


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