Why Hope Should be Shared at Easter

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Why Hope Should be Shared at Easter

The Son of God rose victoriously from the grave, conquered death, and completed the way for salvation. It’s the reason we celebrate Easter. It’s the reason we have hope . . . a gift so great, it demands to be shared.

Hope is a theme World Help emphasizes at Easter through our sustainable giving catalog, Gifts of Hope. We invite our supporters to share it by giving gifts that will echo physical and spiritual health around the world. Will you join us this year?

Consider the magnitude of this promise, especially for those who have never heard.

Gifts of Hope at Easter - World Help

World Help strategically partners with Christian nationals who share the promise of eternal hope on the ground. Just think: as your gift is distributed, the Gospel will also be mobilized. It may be the starting point for a life to be eternally transformed.

For some, it may begin with clean water . . . a warm meal . . . blankets . . . basic medical care.

Take a moment to look through our catalog online. From rabbits to chickens, Bibles to sewing machines, or school uniforms to clean-water projects—there’s sure to be a gift that you and your family will love sharing with an individual or community in need.

Let’s not keep quiet about God’s gift of hope on Easter. We challenge you to share it in a radical way this year. Partner with us as we embrace the greatest promise ever given, and bring it to life for those waiting for hope.

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