Why Nepal? What Difference Can We Actually Make?

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Why Nepal? What Difference Can We Actually Make?

We think Nepal deserves your attention . . . again. Let us explain.

It’s been over four months since Nepal was rocked by the earthquakes that claimed the lives of nearly 9,000 people and left half a million more homeless. Yet media coverage has run its cycle, even though many Nepalis still remain homeless.

According to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, “Ninety percent of all dollars given to disasters is given within ninety days of a disaster.”

Nepal's Earthquake Survivors - World Help

Charitable giving for Nepal peaked quickly. Today, the nation has fallen dark in the media, far away from the international spotlight.

Without a doubt, the generosity and prayers of World Help supporters made a life-saving difference for many Nepalis. With your help, we were able to respond almost immediately, allowing our partners on the ground to purchase emergency aid for thousands. Your gifts have also allowed us to begin investing in the rebuilding of homes, schools, and churches.

There’s no denying that your early intervention saved lives.

But the work is far from over. Nepal estimates rebuilding efforts will cost upwards of $6 billion over the course of several years.

Nepali Boy - World Help

That number is staggering. You may be wondering—can my donations even make a difference at this point? We want to assure you the answer is a resounding “Yes!” Here’s why you should consider continuing your involvement in Nepal’s recovery process . . .

1. World Help works with a network of trusted nationals who have served in Nepal for many years. These men and women are Christian leaders who have professional, firsthand experience in aid work. Since 1997, they have helped us identify the greatest needs while providing insight on how to best to tackle sustainable investments.

Building Together in Nepal - World Help

When you give to recovery efforts in Nepal, you can know that your gifts are being used strategically and by individuals of integrity.

2. We’re in it for the long haul—focusing our efforts on providing long-term care for devastated Nepalis. Right now, funds received from World Help supporters are being channeled into strategic building projects in addition to the distribution of relief supplies.

Many aid groups have moved on from Nepal, having only addressed physical needs. Yet hundreds of thousands are still reeling from having lost their livelihoods, homes, and loved ones.

Nepali Earthquake Survivors - World Help

We’re currently working to repair children’s homes and mountain schools, as well as rebuild 50 homes and 50 churches. Our strategy also includes digging clean-water wells and implementing critical water projects.

Remote communities throughout Nepal need an entirely new infrastructure—one that is safe, reliable, and that will provide mental and physical well-being for years to come. Your gifts help us do exactly that.

3. Together, we’re building the Kingdom of God in Nepal. Less than 2 percent of Nepalis are Christian . . . but God is working. Over the years, World Help has constructed more than 450 church buildings and planted over 2,350 churches! We’ve also had the privilege of training and equipping networks of church planters throughout Nepal.

What’s more, nearly 1,000 children are being cared for through World Help’s Child Sponsorship Program in Nepal. Every day, these children are prayed for, taught from the Word of God, and shown how much God loves them.

Vernon Brewer in Nepal - World Help

The road to recovery for Nepal will take years of intentional, strategic investment . . . but please don’t let that intimidate you. Our efforts today are building thriving communities that will experience sustainable growth—physical, social, and spiritual—for generations to come.

Watch From the Field in Nepal | Rebuilding Together on Vimeo

We believe in a Nepal that is stronger than ever—a nation that honors Christ and proclaims His glory. And we want you to believe with us that your involvement has, and can continue to make a true and lasting difference.

The courageous, hard-working people of Nepal are worth every investment we make today. God is far from finished in this nation. Perhaps He’s calling you to join His army of Samaritans who will lead the way.

We think Nepal deserves your attention again. Will you prayerfully consider investing in the long-term care of Nepali communities?

Learn more about our ongoing rebuilding efforts, or speak to one of our representatives in person by calling 800-541-6691.


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