With Thankfulness

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With Thankfulness

We want to pause during the rush of the season and say an intentional, thoughtful, and humble thank you. You, our World Help partners and friends, are what make our work possible.

As we gather with loved ones today to celebrate abundance and express gratitude, will you join us in a prayer of protection and blessing for Iraqi and Syrian refugees?

Today, millions will go without a warm meal or the comfort of loved ones. In light of so much loss suffered in the Middle East, may we not take for granted the abundance and security God has blessed us with. Instead, our prayer is that we choose to act out of grateful hearts in a way that will impart hope to those with virtually nothing.

Sharing Hope in the Middle East

What little they are given is received with hearts overflowing with thankfulness. Our simplest gifts—hot meals, blankets, basic medicine, and clothing—mean the whole world to these families. They take nothing for granted . . . thanksgiving in its truest form.

The World Help family has so much to be grateful for. But most of all, we give thanks for individuals, like you, who allow us to share love in the darkest corners of the earth.

From our family to yours, thank you for joining us in bringing help and hope around the world.

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