World Water Day | Becoming a Part of the Solution

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World Water Day | Becoming a Part of the Solution

The average American uses 80-100 gallons of water every day. It’s integrated into the majority of our everyday tasks, but we don’t think much about it. We don’t have to. Clean water flows through our households, offices, schools, and places of entertainment.

But safe water is not a basic right worldwide. It is a luxury . . . a privilege.

For 750 million people, dirty water—or simply the lack of water—is the norm. Every year, more than 840,000 people die from water-related causes . . . the majority of whom are children.

Uganda slums - World Help

Our vision this World Water Day is that we would not take unlimited access to clean water for granted; rather, that we would all become advocates for the 750 million people in desperate need of it. That we wouldn’t simply wish this crisis away, but be a part of the solution.

At World Help, being a part of the solution starts with impacting one community at a time. This year, we’re working around the clock to raise the funds to provide Kirinda, Uganda, with a comprehensive water system—including a well, piping system, and an irrigation network—that will transform the health of this village from the inside out.

Clean water for Uganda

Will you be a part of the solution?

Meet a few of the individuals who have decided to let the discomfort of the World Water Crisis move them to action . . .

Anna and Michaela met in Guatemala last July and bonded over what they experienced together. When they returned home, they couldn’t keep quiet about the need for clean water they saw in the villages they visited.

“. . . we are certain God joined us for the purpose of making change happen. We both fell in love with [Guatemala] and the people and feel called to make a difference. We saw the impact that one well had on a village and saw it as an opportunity for us to help God’s people in the future,” the young women explain on their fundraising page.

Child collecting water - World Help

Austin Butler, a high-school student from California, recently hosted an inspiring fundraiser to benefit the people of Chisopani, a village in Nepal that has suffered without clean water for generations. The fundraiser, a golf tournament called Water For Life, was attended by 88 golfers and raised $25,000! What’s more, those funds were matched 100 percent, resulting in more than $50,000 raised to bring clean water and a church building to Chisopani.

ApaViata sells shatter-resistant glass water bottles, and a percentage of their proceeds goes to support clean water around the world. This year for World Water Day, ApaViata joined us as a corporate sponsor, designating 15 percent of all bottles sold to provide safe water through World Help projects.

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Let these advocates inspire you. You are capable of making an incredible impact! Be a part of the solution for the millions still waiting for clean water. One strategic way to do that is by simply sharing our World Water Day video with your social networks! Think Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs, etc.

Watch World Water Day | Water for Kirinda from World Help on Vimeo.

Will you take a stand with us tomorrow on behalf of the people of Kirinda? Pray, share, and give. No effort is too small. Your prayers are heard. Your gifts matter greatly. Your voice counts.

We are each a part of the solution.

Join us on World Water Day

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