World Water Day: For Kirinda

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World Water Day: For Kirinda

Over the past several weeks, it’s been our honor to introduce you to a group of remarkable people from a small, but lively township in the heart of central Uganda.

This World Water Day is about the beautiful people of Kirinda . . . one village, one community, and one solution for incredible transformation.

Watch World Water Day | Water for Kirinda from World Help on Vimeo.

This year, we’re venturing out to do something we’ve never done before on World Water Day: raise the funds to provide one distinct community with a comprehensive, multi-faceted, clean-water system.

We’re not just providing a single well, we’re connecting the entire community to multiple clean-water sites stationed at key locations across the area: the school, clinic, church, and market, just to name a few. We also plan to outfit the local farm—which employs many Kirindans—with irrigation to water crops even during the dry season.

If we succeed, over 2,000 people, including 100 of World Help’s sponsored children, will gain access to clean, safe drinking water for the very first time.

World Water Day

Here’s where you come in. We need your help to share, advocate, fundraise, and contribute so that the hope of Kirinda’s people can finally become a reality.

Just think: If everyone gave just a little of their time today, the lives of an entire group of people will be forever changed. Health will flourish, education will become a focus, the economy will stabilize, and the hope of thousands will be rekindled.

Please do something this World Water Day that will help transform lives for years to come. Today, let’s stand together for Kirinda.

Join us on World Water Day

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