Your Blueprint Questions Answered

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Your Blueprint Questions Answered

Watch World Help Blueprint from World Help on Vimeo.

The World Help Blueprint is one of the most monumental tasks we’ve attempted in the life of our organization.

Five years. Double the impact. That’s a tall order . . . but is it really worth it?

Why is this blueprint so important in the first place?

We want to take a moment to answer your questions in the best way we know how . . . by calling on the people who are actively involved in what we do . . . donors, board members, and staff.

World Help Blueprint participants

Let us introduce you to them:


Skip Taylor: Chairman of World Help’s Board of Directors, Supporting Partner, Fundraiser, Trip Participant, Advocate. Partnering with World Help since 1998.

Sally Flynn: Well Sponsor, Supporting Partner, Trip Participant, Advocate. Partnering with World Help since 2006.

Tim Rand:  Supporting Partner, Trip Participant, Advocate. Partnering with World Help since 2000.

Nancy Horton: Senior Editor/Project Coordinator at World Help, Supporting Partner, Trip Participant, Advocate. Partnering with World Help since 1994.

World Help supporters

Here’s what they had to say about World Help, the blueprint, and our future together.

Q: For those who may not be familiar with World Help, could you explain what we do?

A: Sally: World Help works diligently to provide physical and spiritual help to hurting people around the world.  Whether it is digging a clean water well, rescuing babies, providing bibles, child sponsorships, planting churches, humanitarian aid, to name just a few, World Help is there.

Q: What makes World Help different from other faith-based non-profits?

A: Skip: World Help has not only shown me the need of impoverished people around the world, they have given me an opportunity to touch and impact those lives in a very direct and meaningful way. They give donors the opportunity to be involved at whatever level they want to participate from simply giving money to visiting ministry partners and projects to meeting sponsored children.

World Help Trip Participants

A: Tim: World Help is unique in its approach to sharing the Gospel around the world. It is not just humanitarian needs that they provide, but once they have earned the right, they provide eternal needs by sharing the Gospel. Once someone sees that you care then they are willing to hear what you know. In my opinion, this is the best way to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Q: How has being involved with World Help affected you and your family personally?

A: Tim: Before I became involved with World Help, I would just send donations to various charities and I did not know what or if my donation made an impact. Since partnering with World Help, my life and my family’s experiences have been life-altering.

In the past two years, we have been to Guatemala, Cuba, and Honduras. We took a family trip to Hope of Life in Guatemala last year and met one of the children we sponsor. We were also there for the dedication of St. Luke’s Hospital which we helped with the funding that made that community dream become a reality.

Currently, my 19-year-old son is in Honduras helping at a World Help children’s home, and my 20-year-old daughter just returned from Guatemala where she assisted in baby rescues. Through World Help, my family has been able to see firsthand the need in foreign countries and just how fortunate we are here in the United States.

World Help Blueprint - Staff, Supporters, Donors

Q: What do you think of the Blueprint? What will it mean for you as a supporter? For the future of World Help? For those around the world who will be impacted?

A: Nancy: There has always been some type of “blueprint” for World Help for as long as I can remember. Maybe we didn’t call it that, but with a president who is a “never-say-never” visionary  and totally committed to World Help’s mission, we weren’t allowed to say “I can’t,” we were told to “Find a way.”

But this blueprint is different. It’s not just in our minds or talked about around the conference table . . . it’s in your face, upfront plans, hopes, and possibilities! I’ve been on this amazing journey with World Help for 20 years now and we’ve always headed in the direction God was leading . . . ready or not, and He always provided the way.

A: Skip: I believe the physical impact and the impact on the Kingdom would be exponential.


One of the most important aspects of who World Help is is the idea that everyone—donor, staff member, partner, and those impacted—play a unique role in our work.

World Help Partners and Supporters

Looking to the next five years, there’s nothing we desire more than to add to the reach and depth of our influence around the world . . . and most important, to bring the hope of the Gospel to all those we touch.

The blueprint is simply our way of saying, “God, we are ready to do whatever you ask. We are willing to go wherever you want us go. And more than ever before, we want to see you do the impossible.”

Thank you for joining us on this journey . . . for making us who we are.

Together, may the next five years be the best we’ve ever had . . . for the sake of those who are still waiting for help and hope to come.

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