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How will my gift be used?

We promise to maximize your contribution to make the greatest impact and help rescue as many people as possible. If the need has been met for the gift you select, your gift will be used to provide similar aid in the same category or to help people most in need.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

All gifts are tax-deductible by law with the exception of products listed in the Merchandise section. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt following your donation.

Can livestock and other charitable gifts go to my sponsored child?

Gifts purchased through the World Help catalog will not directly impact your sponsored child. We do our best to make sure these gifts go to families with the most urgent needs. If you would like to give an additional financial gift to help your sponsored child celebrate this holiday season, visit

If I order livestock, how is it shipped?

If you’ve chosen to give livestock, those animals will be purchased in the same country that the recipients reside in. This not only saves on cost, but it also ensures the animals are treated more humanely since they have a shorter journey to their new home. Purchasing livestock in-country helps boost the local economy, too, by supporting community farmers and herders.

Can I choose which country my gifts go to?

In order to ensure your gift is given to the person who needs it most, our staff will decide the country where it will be sent. But don’t worry! We are constantly in communication with our partners around the world to determine which areas and families are most in need, so you can be assured your contribution will be used wisely.

Will I receive updates telling me who receives my gift?

We are not able to track the individual journey of most animals or other gifts that are given. This saves on cost and allows us to help even more people! However, you will receive updates about people who received livestock and other gifts similar to yours. If you choose to give an entire community project such as a clean-water well, a church building, or a medical clinic, a donor advocate will contact you once a location has been chosen and will be in communication with you throughout the construction process.

How are the suggested donations determined for gifts?

The suggested donation amounts are based on the average cost of an item in the countries where we work. You can be assured that every dollar you give is helping to make an enormous impact. Of course, the amounts listed in the catalog are suggestions; any gift you choose to give will be greatly appreciated.

If I donate something in honor of someone as a gift, can you send me something that I can still wrap that will explain the gift?

During the checkout process, you can request FREE Christmas cards that explain a gift was made in their honor to help rescue someone from poverty. There also is space on the cards for you to write a personalized holiday greeting. When ordering online, please type in the “notes and shipping instructions” box how many cards you will need. You may request one card per gift purchased.

Can I place an order after Christmas?

Absolutely! All of the gifts listed in the catalog and online are available throughout the year. Visit anytime to provide livestock, essential needs, Bibles, and more to families around the world.

World Help merchandise

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Where does the merchandise come from?

The merchandise items in our catalog are fair-trade products that come from hardworking, small-business owners and employees around the world. This ensures they receive the greatest compensation and fair treatment for their work. The merchandise is handcrafted in countries such as Rwanda, India, Iraq, Guatemala, and more. Each piece is unique and has a story. For example, refugees are using soap making as a way to rebuild their lives, and woodworking apprentices are making hard-carved nativities to support their families.

Can I choose the color and style of my merchandise?

Many of our merchandise items such as the Ugandan paper bead necklace, Nepali scarves, and Guatemalan makeup bag come in a variety of colors and patterns. During checkout, you may type in the “notes and shipping instructions” box if you have a preference. We will do our best to accommodate your request. However, we cannot guarantee specific colors and patterns since they may run out before your order is processed.

Can I send a merchandise item to my sponsored child?

Since gifts mailed to sponsored children must fit inside a 6×9-inch envelope, you cannot ship merchandise items to your sponsored child. Of course, you can always send small gifts such as stickers, pencils, or bookmarks. Or make a handmade gift like this zebra finger puppet, jellyfish suncatcher, or sunflower card. Whatever you send, your sponsored child is sure to love it!

Will I get my merchandise items by Christmas?

To make sure that your items arrive in time, we recommend placing your order no later than 10 days prior to Christmas. If you subscribe to our World Help emails, you will receive a reminder on the final day to purchase and guarantee Christmas delivery.

Can I have my merchandise expedited?

We occasionally are able to expedite merchandise orders. Call our office toll free at 800-541-6691 to see if you qualify.  All expedited orders require additional shipping costs.

World Help gift cards

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How will the gift card be delivered?

You can select to send either an e-card or a physical gift card. For the e-card, you simply type in the recipient’s email and the gift card will be sent directly to them on your behalf.

How can the gift card be redeemed?

When you purchase a gift card, you are making a charitable donation to World Help. The recipient of your gift card will then have the opportunity to redeem his or her card online and choose a life-changing gift to benefit someone in need.

Can the gift card be used on any gift?

Yes! It can be used on any World Help gift in the catalog or online with the exception of products listed in the Merchandise section.

Will my purchase of a gift card be tax-deductible?

Yes, World Help is a 501 (c)3 organization, making any donation made by U.S. residents tax-deductible.

Can I get extra gift catalogs to give along with my gift cards?

Of course! Giving a physical catalog along with a gift card is a great way to encourage your recipient to start thinking right away about transforming lives. You can request catalogs on our website or by making a note in the “notes and shipping instructions” box during checkout.

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