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You choose how to transform a life.


Give God’s Word to someone who has never owned a Bible.

Water Well Projects

Clean water is one of the most life-changing resources you can give.

Community Water Project

Clean water is one of the most life-changing resources you can give.


Shoes are vital to protect children’s feet from injury and disease.


When you give gifts from our global, fair-trade marketplace, you DOUBLE the difference you make:

1. You support the businesses of hardworking people around the world.

2. A portion of every dollar you spend will provide one meal for a hungry child.

Homes of Hope

These safe havens are transforming lives and futures every day.


Faster transportation improves a person’s job prospects and makes life easier.

Vocational Training

Provide training and financial stability for a young person in need.

Livestock Bundle

Transform an entire community by giving the gift of livestock today.


One dairy goat can produce up to a ton of milk per year!


A pig can produce up to 40 litters of piglets in its lifetime that can be sold for income.


One cow produces up to 6.5 gallons of nutrient-rich milk each day.


Income-generating chickens produce eggs that can be sold at market.

Transform a Life

You can provide help and hope to impoverished people around the world.

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