Clean Water


Provide clean water for one person for one year


Clean Water

Fund an entire water project

Clean water is one of the most life-changing resources a community can receive.

It keeps people safe from waterborne diseases. It allows children to attend school instead of spending all day fetching water. It keeps women from having to make trips to the nearest stream to wash clothes. And it helps communities keep their crops watered so they will have more food to eat.

Lilian remembers the dangerous chore of fetching water all too well. As a child, she would make the trip to the watering hole her village shared with the local animals. The water was dirty, and the current was strong. She often feared she would be swept away.

Now Lilian has children of her own. Thanks to someone who provided her community with clean water, she doesn’t have to worry about sending her kids on that same dangerous journey.

For people in need, clean water means a longer, happier life. And because water projects are often located near churches, they can help introduce people to the Living Water and eternal life.

How your gift will be used

We promise to use your gift to make the greatest impact possible. If the need has been met for the gift you select, your donation will be used to provide similar aid in the same category or to help people most in need. For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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