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As people of faith, we have been rescued by Christ. And He is calling us to join the RESCUE mission, helping those in need and pointing others to the RENEWAL that comes only through Him.

Countless people today are longing to be rescued:
girls trapped in sexual slavery, families struggling from poverty, refugees far from home, and many more. By coming together as a community of rescuers, we can help renew some of the darkest places on earth — both physically and spiritually.


Your investment toward this vision will support dozens of unique projects around the world, changing lives in powerful ways.

  • Send God’s Word to persecuted believers and to seekers.
  • Provide clean water for impoverished families and communities.
  • Save the lives of children suffering from extreme malnutrition.

Together, we can impact 3.5 million lives in 2018 … more than ever before! Please give as generously as you can toward this goal. Every gift you give represents a person rescued and a soul renewed.

In order to reach
3.5 million lives, we must raise
$18 MILLION in 2018



Spiritual Development:

2,217,500 lives impacted

True change is possible only when the needs of the whole person are met — body and soul. While all of our programs have a spiritual component, some of our projects, such as Bible distribution and church planting, are exclusively established for spiritual development. Your support helps meet both physical and spiritual needs.


Child Investment:

51,450 lives impacted

Children are the future of their communities and their countries. So when you invest in child sponsorship and safe housing for children, you impact countless lives and fight poverty in one of the most powerful ways possible.


Education & Training:

24,100 lives impacted

Education plays a critical role in helping people break the cycle of poverty. By providing primary education to children and vocational training to adults, you empower others to build better futures for themselves.


Medical Relief & Critical Care:

28,330 lives impacted

Quality medical care is one of the greatest needs in many impoverished nations. Your gifts meet this need by supporting mobile medical clinics, maternity care, treatment for malnourished children, and more.


Aid & Crisis Relief:

963,500 lives impacted

Families facing disaster and extreme poverty are desperate for a place to turn. And you can meet that need when you support refugee relief, crisis response, and humanitarian aid for impoverished people around the world.


Community Transformation:

214,125 lives impacted

Communities in need deserve more than short-term solutions. By providing essentials such as clean water, family homes, and agricultural tools, you provide sustainable, long-lasting change that will make an impact for generations to come.


Freedom from Sexual slavery:

3,025 lives impacted

In Thailand, girls are expected to be the breadwinners. And many are taught that without an education, the sex industry is their only option. Your gifts help give them another choice, a safe place to live, and a chance to learn about God’s love.

*Impact numbers based on estimated projections. World Help will report on actual statistics in 2019.

World Help is dedicated to complete transparency and efficiency in all of our work. Through total giving to World Help projects, your gift is doubled in impact making an eternal difference worldwide.

*The impact of your gift (not revenue, cash grants, or corporate donations, unless specifically matching) doubles, when compared with the monetary value to receive, handle, and deliver donated goods and services.

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