Impact 2016

We believe in addressing physical and spiritual needs simultaneously in order for true transformation to take place. And we believe in accomplishing God-sized tasks that last for eternity. That’s why we’re committed to another year of providing HELP and HOPE for some of the world’s most overlooked people and communities.

As we celebrate 25 years of partnership, we have a renewed vision to restore health, dignity, and opportunity. We’re laying the foundation of change in 2016 through the following projects . . .


1,225,000 PEOPLE:

Church planter support, pastoral leadership training, and equipping nationals to launch churches and share the Gospel

750,000 PEOPLE:

Global distribution of Bibles in traditional and digital formats, including children’s storybook Bibles

660,000 PEOPLE:

Humanitarian aid, medical care, education, skills training, and spiritual support for refugee families

90,000 PEOPLE:

Clean-water projects that will improve health and development worldwide

45,000 CHILDREN:

Child sponsorship for vulnerable and disadvantaged children worldwide

125,000 PEOPLE:

Outreach and advocacy programs, concerts, and community events to raise awareness for global needs

55,000 PEOPLE:

Infrastructure projects and developmental investments impacting children and disadvantaged communities


Transformation for impoverished villages through clean water, education, spiritual support, and development projects

2,500 WOMEN:

Maternal healthcare and education, rescue from human trafficking, skills training, and psychological and spiritual support


Tuition and fees, vocational training, uniforms, supplies, and support

2,500 BABIES:

Through rescue programs in Haiti, Uganda, and Guatemala

*Impact numbers based on estimated projections. World Help will report on success in 2017


Our calling is clear. Our vision is big. For the sake of those who are suffering in our world today, we will work harder than ever in the next 25 years to share the radical love of Christ.

But we can’t do this without you. Our aim is to impact over 3 million people in 2016—requiring $17 million to make this a reality. Will you partner with us to rescue lives, bring justice, and make an eternal difference?

The opportunities to share HELP and HOPE are limitless. All we have to do is say,
“Yes” to God.

World Help is dedicated to complete transparency and efficiency in all of our work. Through total giving to World Help projects, your gift is doubled in impact making an eternal difference worldwide.

*The impact of your gift (not revenue, cash grants, or corporate donations, unless specifically matching) doubles, when compared with the monetary value to receive, handle, and deliver donated goods and services.

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