Livestock Bundle


Give sustainable options through livestock


Livestock Bundle

A single animal can have an enormous impact on a family … but a livestock bundle can improve the lives of an entire community!

You can provide the livestock one agricultural village needs most — from cows and pigs to goats and chickens, and more. These animals will strengthen the local economy and improve people’s general health. You’ll also be showing the love of Jesus to people who do not know Him.

An impoverished village in Rwanda was once a hub of poverty and disease. But a livestock bundle helped drastically improve people’s lives. The economy grew, and nutritious food helped reduce sickness and disease.

You can provide stability and health to an entire community by providing livestock today.

How your gift will be used

We promise to use your gift to make the greatest impact possible. If the need has been met for the gift you select, your donation will be used to provide similar aid in the same category or to help people most in need. For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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