A goat to help give nutrient-rich milk



Did you know that one dairy goat can produce nearly 1 ton of milk a year? That milk is extremely nutrient-dense, providing an excellent source of calcium and vitamins for children. In addition to selling the extra milk, a family can make products such as cheese, butter, and yogurt to sell at the market.

By selling these products and the nutritious milk to their neighbors, the family is able to help improve the health of an entire community.

Goats also can help a family’s garden thrive. Their waste makes good fertilizer to grow vegetables and other crops. That’s exactly what Mary did when she received her goat. The day she learned she was going to get a goat, she danced for joy! “I will have manure to grow vegetables to feed my family and to sell to buy other things!” she said.

Mary and her six children are so happy that someone gave them a goat. The reliable food and flourishing crops are changing their lives. Today, you can give a gift that transforms someone’s life, too!

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