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Gift Ideas

Suggested gifts for moms

Rescue a child – Your mom has always looked out for you. Show your appreciation by helping another mother look after her malnourished child.

Shoes – Many schools around the world require shoes as part of their dress code. So when you give shoes, you also open the door to education!

Gift bow graphic Starting at $24
Rescue A Malnourished Child
Provide the nutrients and medical treatment a malnourished child needs.
Gift bow graphic Suggested $25
Shoes are vital to protect children’s feet from injury and disease.

Suggested gifts for dads

Bibles – Dads are often one of the first people to tell us about Jesus, so give Bibles in her honor to someone hungry for the Truth.

Bicycles – Did your dad steady your bike as you learned to ride? Give someone else a helping hand with the gift of a bicycle.

Gift bow graphic Suggested $10
Give someone his first Bible
Give God’s Word to someone who has never owned a Bible.
Gift bow graphic Suggested $100
Faster transportation improves a person’s job prospects and makes life easier.

Suggested gifts for grandparents

Vocational training – Did your grandparents teach you the value of hard work? Give the gift of vocational training in their honor!

Plant a church – Just as your grandparents helped teach you about Jesus, you can introduce Him to others by helping plant a church.

Gift bow graphic Suggested $300
Vocational Training
Provide training and financial stability for a young person in need.
Gift bow graphic Suggested $100
Plant A Church
Help share the love of Christ with those who have never experienced it.

Suggested gift for kids

Chickens – Many of our donors allow their kids to pick a gift from the catalog each year — and they almost always choose chickens to give to a needy family!

Gift bow graphic Suggested $22
Income-generating chickens produce eggs that can be sold at market.

Not sure what to give?

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