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Gift bow graphic Starting at $30
Lifesaving Supplies
Every $1 you give multiplies to send $33 worth of aid.
Gift bow graphic Suggested $25
Shoes are vital to protect children’s feet from injury and disease.
Gift bow graphic Starting at $35
Christmas for a refugee
Your gift multiplies 5X and sends lifesaving aid to a refugee.
Gift bow graphic Suggested $25
Mosquito Nets
Bed nets protect children while they sleep from disease-carrying mosquitoes.
Gift bow graphic Suggested $35
Winter Coats
Provide warmth this Christmas with winter coats for kids in need.
Gift bow graphic Starting at $50
Rescue A Malnourished Child
Provide the nutrients and medical treatment a malnourished child needs.
Gift bow graphic Suggested $45
Where Needed Most
Provide help and hope to people who need it most.

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