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When you give gifts from our global, fair-trade marketplace, you DOUBLE the difference you make:

1. You support the businesses of hardworking people around the world.

2. A portion of every dollar you spend will provide one meal for a hungry child.

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Gift bow graphic $45
Rwandan Nativity
Woodworking apprentices in Rwanda made each nativity from local trees.
Gift bow graphic $68
Help & Hope Market Tote
This quality market bag is handmade by women in Bangladesh
Gift bow graphic $15
Nepali Scarves
Each of these scarves is as unique as the Nepali artist who made it.
Gift bow graphic $15
Guatemalan Makeup Bag
This bag is the perfect place to store makeup, jewelry, or small accessories.
Gift bow graphic $18
Soap Gift Set
A gift set containing one chamomile and one charcoal soap.
Gift bow graphic $10
Handcrafted Middle Eastern Chamomile Soap
Each bar of soap was handmade by refugees in Iraq.
Gift bow graphic $10
Handcrafted Middle Eastern Charcoal Soap
Each bar of soap was handmade by refugees in Iraq.
Gift bow graphic $10
Handcrafted Middle Eastern Unscented Soap
Each bar of soap was handmade by refugees in Iraq.
Gift bow graphic $20
Ugandan Paper Bead Necklace
Each colorful bead was hand-rolled by a member of the Acholi tribe.
Gift bow graphic $20
Guatemalan Messenger Bag
This handmade bag is large enough to carry all your daily essentials. *Note: Color and pattern may vary
Gift bow graphic $10
Guatemalan Kid’s Necklace
Gift bow graphic $15
Infant Wool Hats
These handmade knit hats are both functional and fashionable! Keep your child’s head warm while helping people in need. This traditional, hand-knit Himalayan hat is 100% wool on the exterior and lined with cotton inside for comfort.
Gift bow graphic $20
Rwandan Wristlet
This wristlet is made with the highest quality, traditional African fabric. *Note: Color and patterns will vary
Gift bow graphic $5
Stuffed Elephant
With trunks held high, these playful pachyderms are ready to bring their bright, happy patterns into your home. Handcrafted by artisans in Uganda, each animal is made from traditional Ugandan fabric that comes in a variety of patterns and colors. Standing about 7” tall, these elephants make perfect gifts for children and adults. They’re just ...Read more
Gift bow graphic $80
Giraffe Bookends
Each bookend is hand-carved from a single piece of Rwandan jacaranda wood.
Gift bow graphic $35
Rwanda Elephant Bag
This handmade backpack is not only a great gift, but also gives you the opportunity to show a child what it means to impact the world. Each elephant bag is hand-sewn by a Rwandan tailoring student and features two zipper enclosures, adjustable straps, and includes the name and testimony of the artisan who made it. ...Read more
Gift bow graphic $45
Peace Baskets
These baskets symbolize fragmented Rwandan communities coming together.
Gift bow graphic $30
Indonesian Manik Necklace
These necklaces feature more than a dozen strands of glass beads.
Gift bow graphic $40
Rwandan Messenger Bags
These bags are handcrafted from colorful and sturdy Rwandan fabric.
Gift bow graphic $10
Hacky Sacks
These hacky sacks are tightly woven by Guatemalan artisans.
Gift bow graphic $80
Vegan Tote
This sturdy tote is handcrafted by artisans in the Himalaya Mountains.
Gift bow graphic $60
Guatemalan Hammock
Traditional Guatemalan one-person hammock. You can find these handmade hammocks throughout the nation with people catching respite under trees, during the hot mid-day sun.
Gift bow graphic $12
Elephant Purse
Cute and functional, this coin purse is the perfect gift for a child you love. *Note: Color and patterns will vary
Gift bow graphic $22
Incense Burner
This handmade incense burner is also perfect for holding a tealight candle.
Gift bow graphic $15
Guatemalan Notebooks
These blank writing journals are handmade in Guatemala.
Gift bow graphic $20
Acholi Necklaces
This statement necklace is created by member of the Acholi tribe. *Note: Color and length will vary.
Gift bow graphic $10
Thread Necklace
These necklace was made by Guatemalan women fighting for a sustainable income.
Gift bow graphic $12
Handwoven Earrings – Blue
Add a pop of color to your wardrobe and wear a piece of handcrafted art with these blue earrings! Lightweight and comfortable, these woven earrings are designed and created by Rwandan artisans.

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