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Three Reasons Why Investing in Sponsorship Matters

Vernon Brewer
Oct 16, 2013

I believe that sponsorship is one of the most important outreaches we do here at World Help.

Over the years, God has allowed us to impact the lives of thousands of children with the love of Christ through partnering with sponsors to provide for their physical and spiritual needs.

Why Child Sponsorship Matters

Sponsorship is so much more than a monthly obligation—it’s a journey toward transformation—heart, mind, body, and soul.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here are three reasons to get involved, told best by several members of our World Help team:

Sponsorship Mirrors Jesus’ Attitude Toward Children.

Jesus demonstrated the compassion He had for children and that He has a significant purpose for every person, including those who were young. He did not belittle them nor did He think less of them due to their age. Instead, the Lord shows again and again throughout His Word that He used children for great purposes.

David was only 15 years old when he defeated the giant Goliath when no one else was able to do so.

Moses grew up in the palace of a pharaoh and came to be the deliverer of his people. But his story actually began when pharaoh’s daughter found him, as a baby, in a basket floating in the river.

Even Jesus accomplished great things at a young age, and He shows time and time again the value He places in children. Jesus sets the precedence for how we, as His followers, should view children as well. By believing in and supporting children, we are investing in future leaders that hold great value and purpose.              

—Amanda Mattingly, Staff Writer

 Sponsorship Helps Fight Global Poverty.

In an instant, a child without a stable way of accessing nutritious food, clean water, medical attention, education, and spiritual enrichment, now has the ability at her fingertips. 

Having access to education alone helps reverse the cycle of generational poverty by boosting local economies and promoting gender equality.

World Help Blog Team

Sponsorship Changes You.

We don’t get to walk away without being affected.

As a sponsor, you’re a part of a relationship that is mutually beneficial, mutually encouraging, and mutually needed . . . whether you realize it or not.

It’s a symbiotic relationship that thrives when both parties recognize and appreciate their need for one another—to support, to teach, to encourage, and to inspire.

The idea of even one life being changed is a beautiful thought. But stories cannot be experienced alone. Each one of our stories is composed of reflections—of people who have poured into us, invested in us, and made us who we are.

What would your sponsored child see if they looked into a mirror? Would they see their own story . . . or would they see yours as well?

–Suzanne O’Dell, Senior Staff Writer

Sponsor a Child - World Help

I hope that today you’ll consider joining our family of sponsors . . . a group of people who are genuinely changing the world with their generosity.

I believe with all my heart that it’s a decision that will outlive you and last for eternity.


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