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About World Help

How and when did World Help start?

Is World Help a financially trustworthy organization?

What countries does World Help work in?

What is World Help’s statement of faith?

Who is World Help?

Child Sponsorship

Can I adopt a child through World Help?

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Can I write to my sponsored child?

Do the funds I send go directly to my sponsored child?

How can I adjust the amount or frequency of my donation?

How can I send extra gifts to my sponsored child for holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, or for special occasions like their birthday?

How do I cancel my sponsorship?

How do I change the processing date for my Direct Giving?

How do I send correspondence to my sponsored child?

How do I sponsor a child?

How do I update Direct Giving information?

What do my sponsorship gifts provide for my child?

What does it mean if my child is in a Gospel-sensitive program?

What happens to my child if I cancel my sponsorship?

What happens when my sponsored child leaves the program?

What is my donor account number?

What kinds of gifts should I send to my teenaged sponsored child?

When will my child receive my letter/package?

Where can I find more information about my sponsored child’s program?

Why can’t I contact my child directly?

Why can’t I send monetary gifts directly to my child?

Why does my child’s letter seem impersonal?

Why does my sponsored child have more than one sponsor?

Will I receive a bill each month?

Online Donor Account

How can I update my contact information?

How do I change my password for my online account?

How do I set up my online donor account?

How do I update Direct Giving information?

How do I update my receipt preferences?

What is my donor account number?

Where can I find a copy of my year-end giving summary?

Will I receive a bill each month?


Are there any immunizations required to travel?

Are trip payments tax-deductible?

Is insurance provided and what is covered?

Is there a minimum age to go on a trip?

What is World Help’s safety policy during trips?
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