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World Water Day 2015 – Clean Drinking Water for Uganda


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In the East African nation of Uganda, nearly a third of the people lack access to a clean-water source. Join us to give the people of Kirinda the gift that will transform their lives and help build a future full of health, opportunity, and hope.


Clean water will open the door to life, opportunity and prosperity. Join us as we commit to transforming a community in central Uganda.



What We Are Doing


Water Well

One clean-water well located centrally to provide easy access to the greatest number of villagers

Piping System

Connects multiple facilities, including the school and clinic to the central well, providing several crucial points of access


A reliable water source for the local farm to increase production and avoid crop-loss during the dry season




Country Profile: Uganda


lack access to clean water


lack access to sanitation


live below the poverty line
the average life expectancy


of students drop out before finishing primary school


About Kirinda


~2,000, including 100 children in World Help’s Child Sponsorship Program


The community is located in central Uganda where grasslands and tropical forests account for most of the terrain. Kirinda is comprised of four villages situated around a small central marketplace.


Current Water Source
The children of the community must walk a long distance to collect water from a pond shared by local livestock. The journey is dangerous, especially for girls, who are vulnerable to attack.


In addition to the main marketplace, the community relies on a local farm to provide jobs and stimulate the local economy. Drought and crop inconsistencies are among the greatest obstacles.
The school in Kirinda currently has no access to clean water, limiting opportunity for hundreds of school-aged children. Many of those able to attend are participants in World Help’s local Child Sponsorship Program.


The community clinic is constantly inundated with Kirinda residents affected by water-related illnesses. The advent of clean water will help reduce the number of repeat patients and will be an access site for clean water through the piping system.


The community is multi-tribal and represents a wide-range of religious beliefs. The introduction of an evangelical church in the community provides many with a place of worship. This church is one of the intended access points for the water-piping system.



Kirinda’s Story


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10 Reasons why Water changes Everything

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  • Health

    Improving access to water, sanitation resources, and hygienic education prevent 1.5 million child deaths every year.

  • Time

    Women and girls spend an average of six hours a day fetching water. Cleanwater sources free up precious time for work and school.

  • Economy

    Hours of extra time translates into greater economic investment and more dollarsearned to meet basic needs and to save for the future.

  • Agriculture

    Equal access to global water sources enables farmers’ crops to produce 20-30 percent more, alleviating hunger for 150 million people.

  • Safety

    Eliminating long treks to fetch water significantly decreases the risk of harassment orabuse for women and girls.

  • Education

    If the world’s children all had a dependable supply of clean water, 443 million hours of school would be redeemed every year.

  • Equality

    Women with more time are able to open their own businesses and become key influencers in their communities.

  • Dignity

    Clean water empowers people to give their families a better life without encouraging a cycle of dependence.

  • Trust

    Once a community has access to clean water, a foundation of trust and friendship is built, allowing our partnering staff to meet other needs and to gradually introduce the Gospel.

  • Hope

    Providing for physical needs through clean water opens the doors to share the love of Jesus, the source of Living Water, to families and communities with whom we have developed strong relationships.


“We need a new global culture that finds the existence of millions of thirsty people thoroughly and immediately unacceptable.” —Jean-Michel Cousteau


Clean water will open the door to life, opportunity and prosperity. Join us as we commit to transforming a community in central Uganda. Donate or start a campaign today!






 Join me to help bring the gift of clean water to the people of Kirinda, Uganda. #WaterForKirinda

 Clean water can change an entire community. Take a minute to watch the story of Kirinda #WaterForKirinda

 A third of Ugandans lack access to clean water. Join me in changing this for the village of Kirinda #WaterForKirinda


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