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Christmas will be here before you know it, and this year you can make the season extra joyful for your sponsored child.

Many children living in poverty don’t get to experience Christmas like we do. Luxuries like gifts and parties are simply something they can’t afford. So when you send a special Christmas card and surprise, you’ll make your child’s holiday unforgettable and also send a reminder about the greatest gift of all — God’s Son sent to us that first Christmas night!

Here are two ways to help your sponsored child have a joyful Christmas:

Give a special party or gift

Send a gift of $25 to provide your sponsored child with an exciting holiday surprise!

Depending on your child’s program, they may receive a unique Christmas present, attend a festive party, or celebrate in another fun way.

Send a personalized Christmas greeting

Using the special Christmas card(s) you received in the mail, take a moment to write a holiday message to each child you sponsor.

Return your completed Christmas card(s) by Nov. 23 so your child will receive it as soon as possible.

Thank you for making this season a joyful one for your sponsored child. Merry Christmas!

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