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Give the gift of God’s Word

The Bible is a precious gift. It reveals God’s plan for salvation to rescue and renew a lost world filled with darkness. But many people live in Bible deserts, places where Bibles are scarce or illegal. Often, these people have never seen a Bible, much less owned one themselves.

Your $30 gift will provide three people with their very first Bible. And since they will likely share their copies with family and friends, you will reach even more people with the Gospel!

Watch the video below to see the power of your gift

“I think it is my turn to have a Bible”

Chen waited three years after becoming a Christian to receive a Bible of his own. He lives in China, a Bible desert where believers also face persecution, so we’ve changed his name to keep him safe.

When he finally received a copy of God’s Word, he couldn’t read it enough!

“After I got my Bible, I read the whole New Testament two times, and I am already halfway through the Old Testament,” Chen said. “I love God’s Word! I understand much more about Jesus Christ, and it helps me know how to be a better Christian, how to follow Jesus, how to love each other like He loves us.”

You can give another person like Chen the life-changing gift of God’s Word today.

How you can help

Click one of the options below to send God’s Word around the globe and provide Bibles for people who have never owned one before.

Make a one-time gift

Every $30 you give will send three Bibles to people living in some of the world’s largest Bibles deserts — places like China, India, North Korea, Iraq, and Nigeria.

Make a monthly gift

Help spread the Gospel every month when you join Bibles for All. By donating just $25 a month, you can reach more than 300 people with God’s Word in a single year!

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