Bible Distribution

Why Bibles?

The Bible is a precious gift.

It reveals God’s plan for salvation and introduces a person to Jesus Christ. It is a source of true light in a world filled with darkness. But for many people around the world, the hope of owning a Bible is a distant dream. They live in Bible deserts, places where Bibles are scarce or illegal. Many face extreme danger and persecution simply for having one in their possession.

Since the very beginning, World Help has been passionate about getting the Word of God into the hands of those who need it. In 1991, God opened the doors for a handful of World Help staff and volunteers to share the Gospel in the former Soviet Union. By distributing God’s Word, millions of Russians heard the Good News of Jesus Christ for the very first time. Today, with your help, we seek to send copies of God’s Word to every corner of the globe.

How you can get involved: Give Bibles today

Many people around the world have no idea that Jesus came to bring them new life. When you give the gift of a Bible, you meet a tangible need and offer eternal spiritual hope. You send the message of God’s love into Bible deserts, showing people they are important to Him.

Make a one-time gift

Send Bibles to unreached people, persecuted Christians, or struggling refugees today. Start by selecting one of the Bible gift options below.

Make a monthly gift

Give a Bible every single month by becoming a Bibles for All subscriber. Your monthly gift will send God’s Word to some of the world’s largest Bible deserts.

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