Rescue Programs

Every child is a gift from God.

That’s why Rescue Programs make such a huge difference: Not only can you save a life, but you can also show children, families, and entire communities that they matter.

You can save the life of one child. Bridge the gap between despair and hope.
Your action will last a lifetime and beyond.

Where We Work

Rescue Programs currently operate in Guatemala, Haiti, and Uganda, reaching some of the earth’s most desperate communities. Here is a little more about our programs and how you’re helping transform lives.

The rural mountain communities of Guatemala are home to some of the world’s most severely malnourished children. While critically ill children are receiving treatment, family members are trained in proper sanitation and hygiene—helping to prevent illness in the future.
For decades, Haitians have struggled with the effects of poverty. With an advanced medical clinic and children’s home on campus, this program offers hope for orphans and families alike.
The slums of Uganda are home to millions of orphaned and abandoned children. This program provides a safe haven to many children—especially those born to teen mothers who are frequently abused and victimized.

How You Can Get Involved

There are so many ways you can help rescue children. Whether you start a fundraiser or participate in an actual rescue, you can be a voice and an advocate for a child in need. You can save a life.

Help save a life and support the cost of a baby rescue.

Create your own fundraising page and spread the word.

Share the story with friends, family, and your church.

Join us as we travel to the field to experience Baby Rescue.


Cost of Rescue

Many rescued children suffer from severe health complications due to malnutrition, abandonment, and drinking dirty water. Your gift will cover immediate treatment, medical supplies, and follow-up care to ensure long-term health. However, every treatment plan is specifically designed to meet the individual needs of each child and may vary depending on the country and circumstance.

Each rescue typically includes:

  • Transportation costs
  • Medical treatment at a Rescue Center
  • Hospital stay
  • Housing and care for family members
  • Food, clothing, and supplies
  • Continuing care and check-ups

For $50, you can provide resources needed for the initial rescue of one child. This often includes a medical evaluation and immediate nutritional needs.

For $1,200, you can fund both the initial rescue and long-term rehabilitation of one child

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