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2013: A Year That Changed the World

Blog Team
Dec 29, 2013

As we turn the final pages of 2013, we can’t help but be amazed at all God has chosen to do this year through your support.

In less than 365 days, you have empowered World Help to impact countless lives with help for today and hope for tomorrow.

You positively impacted 33,918 children all around the world through sponsorship.

You enabled our church planters to plant over 5,000 churches, impacting half a million lives with hope of the Gospel.

You gave the gift of clean water to 43,430 thirsty men, women, and children.

clean water causelife

You saved 147 precious lives through Operation Baby Rescue.

You empowered our aid and relief teams to give life-saving help to refugees, disaster victims, and masses of starving children.

. . . and so much more.

Together, we have been able to impact over 1.8 million lives around the world in 2013!

But this is just the beginning. The needs grow greater every day . . . and with great need comes great opportunity. Please join us in leaving a legacy of generosity this year that will impact generations to come.

Your tax-deductible gift made before midnight on December 31 has the power to save lives and restore hope for impoverished people all around the world.

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We’re always happy to give you statistics, reports, and numbers, but we also believe in the power of stories . . . stories of lives, hearts, and communities that are being transformed by the work you’ve enabled us to do. Here are just a few highlights from 2013:

“Second Chances” | Operation Baby Rescue | Noel Brewer Yeatts

At 8 years of age, Alexon weighed only 28 pounds . . . the average weight of a 2- or 3 year old. He could not walk or stand. Severe malnutrition was causing his organs to simply shut down . . . Alexon was dying. READ MORE >>>

“Cuba: The Harvest is Here” | Spiritual Development | Vernon Brewer

One elderly pastor told me, “This is just the beginning of God’s blessing after 40 years of hardship. We are prepared for the great spiritual harvest God is bringing to our nation.” I didn’t know it then, but his words were prophetic. READ MORE >>>

“I am a Syrian Refugee” | Aid and Relief | Blog Team

His words formed slowly, deliberately . . . his eyes fixed on some invisible object that seemed far away. ”My name is Fadi. My family and I ran from our home in Syria, and now we are here. We are refugees . . . we are refugees, and we can never go back.” READ MORE >>>

“Adam’s Mission” | Advocacy | Claire Riss

The fumes of the fires combined with the beating heat makes your throat burn, unless you’ve lived there your entire life . . . then it’s normal. Children and adults alike survive off this landfill—whether by collecting rotten food or salvaging anything recyclable that could earn pennies. READ MORE>>>

“The Value of One Life Changed” | Child Sponsorship | Amanda Mattingly

Am I just going to think about how sad or tragic their situation is, or am I going to determine that each child deserves to live a life full of hope and dreams no matter their circumstances? READ MORE>>>

“Clean Water for India: Restoring Dignity to the Broken” | Community Development | Mandi Corbett

The Bhil tribes of India have been without access to clean water for centuries. Overlooked by the government, these low-caste “untouchables” have been proclaimed filthy by society. READ MORE>>>

Child Sponsorship 2013

We need your help today to continue saving more lives by giving shelter, food, and clean water to families. You help us offer comfort to persecuted believers, empower parents to provide for their families, and restore and uplift victims of genocide, conflict, and abuse.

Together, let us make 2013 a banner year for God’s kingdom  . . . a year defined by generosity and characterized by kindness.

A year that changed the world. 

Give in 2013 | World Help


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