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Humanitarian Aid

When poverty or disaster strike, you can be the one who provides immediate help to someone in desperate need. That help can come in the form of a bag of rice, a shipment of medical equipment, or warm clothes in the middle of winter. Whether you donate physical goods or help cover the cost to ship supplies to the people who need them, you will be saving lives by meeting urgent physical needs. You will make an incredible, global impact!

Countries that receive aid

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Puerto Rico

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Get involved

Holiday and year-end matched giving

During the holidays and the last week of the year, World Help often offers a matched gift on your tax-deductible donation. To learn more or to offer a matched gift yourself, call 800-541-6691.

Giving in someone’s honor

You can donate in honor of special clients, customers, employees, or vendors as a unique way to celebrate them. Browse our variety of World Help Gifts to find which gift they will appreciate most.

Employer matched giving

Give your employees the opportunity to impact twice as many lives by matching their charitable donations up to a certain amount. Email Michelle at to learn more.

Help and Hope

In times of crisis, people become desperate for a place to turn . . . for someone to care. When you provide immediate help, you meet that need. You demonstrate compassion in action and establish a relationship of trust that opens doors for sharing the Gospel.

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