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Your 2017 impact in photos: Children and sustainability

Blog Team
Jan 03, 2018

Disadvantaged families and communities worldwide deserve more than just short-term solutions. And in 2017, you helped give many people exactly what they needed to thrive, both now and in the future.

Thank you for empowering individuals to break out of poverty for good — whether you gave income-generating livestock, seeds to provide a family with a healthy diet, sponsorship to transform the life of a child, or another long-lasting gift.

By providing physical health, you also made the way for many families to hear about the love of Jesus Christ!

As you look at the faces in the photos below, we hope you’ll be reminded that your generous gifts have completely transformed lives like these across the world.

A boy proudly shows off the corn his family grew from seeds they received. The fruits and vegetables from these seeds help children grow up healthy and strong.

It’s hard to imagine milk as a luxury! But for these children, milk was a rarity until a generous donor provided a cow for their community. Now, they have plenty of calcium and nutrients.

Rwandan brothers collect eggs from their new chickens. These chickens allow the boys to have more protein in their diets and their parents to sell additional eggs for income.

Because someone sent a coat to this young Syrian refugee, he will now be safe and warm this winter.

Children in India line up to receive clothes and other supplies provided by their sponsors.

Collecting water is much easier for this Ugandan boy thanks to the gift of a bicycle. Since it doesn’t take as long as walking, he now has more time for schoolwork and playing with friends.

Many sponsored children, like these boys and girls in Rwanda, are able to attend school for the first time because of the generosity of their sponsors.

Thank you for giving gifts of sustainability and education to families — and especially children — around the world. You’ve changed so many lives in 2017, making an impact that will outlive you and last for eternity!


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