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2021 in Review: Child sponsorship

Blog Team
Jan 03, 2022

Last year proved to be another difficult one for children in need around the world.

Several countries went back under lockdowns. Parents lost their jobs, and schools closed. Children who normally depended on school lunches suddenly had no meals or education.

But the gifts from their sponsors were a lifeline!

Thanks to generous sponsors, boys and girls in 24 countries survived the challenges of 2021.

Watch the video to see how sponsorship provided help and hope for children in need

Over the past year, the World Help family supported a total of 12,485 child sponsorships.

Those sponsorships provided kids living in poverty with essentials like nutritious food, clean water, medical care, educational opportunities, the opportunity to experience God’s love from caring mentors, and more. It gave them hope for a better future.

Even when students in places like Nepal, Honduras, India, and Uganda weren’t able to attend school for much of the year due to the pandemic, sponsorship made sure they still received an education. Their sponsors’ support provided pencils, paper, textbooks, and other essentials so these kids could keep learning at home.

“As always, God’s timing and provision is perfect,” our Uganda partner said. “Thanks to you donors, we were able to purchase the textbooks needed as well as dictionaries and atlases for the primary schools.”

Another major need sponsorship helped meet was food.

Many families were still out of work this year. And droughts, floods, and other natural disasters destroyed entire fields of crops, so parents had no fruits or vegetables to feed their children.

Thankfully, their sponsors helped make sure the kids had plenty of food to stay strong and healthy, protecting them from malnutrition and even starvation.

Every sponsorship gift throughout 2021 not only provided for the physical needs of boys and girls around the world … but it also showed them God’s love. It reminded them how valuable they are in His eyes.

Thank you, sponsors, for giving these children help for today and hope for a much brighter tomorrow.

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