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2021 in Review: Responding to crises and shipping lifesaving supplies

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Jan 06, 2022

When a disaster strikes, there’s no time to lose. People need help right away if they’re going to survive the aftermath and begin to rebuild.

And you made sure that’s exactly what happened throughout 2021. You immediately jumped into action to provide lifesaving help — from refugee relief for families fleeing the Taliban to emergency supplies for earthquake victims in Haiti. Plus, you helped ship millions of dollars’ worth of aid to people living in poverty.

Watch this video to see how you helped people in times of crisis

You helped ship critical supplies

Last year, the World Help family helped ship 88 containers full of critical supplies like food, clean water, medical equipment, clothing, shoes, and more.

These essentials impacted 988,106 people in 17 countries, including the U.S. — and it wouldn’t have been possible without your generous donations!

Your gifts helped struggling parents like Bruce and Malika.

This couple lives in Zambia, and since the coronavirus pandemic began, they’ve struggled to sell their crops and earn a living. Droughts and the recent winter season didn’t help either.

Thankfully, a shipping container full of aid arrived in their village just in time!

“We’re really grateful for the hand that you’ve been giving,” Bruce said. “It has really been going a long way. Not only us but so many other people … especially the elderly.”

These shipping containers have been a lifeline for so many people like Bruce and Malika. Additionally, your generosity helped provide more than 9 million meals for hungry families in 2021!

You helped respond to the greatest humanitarian disasters

When a massive earthquake hit Haiti in August, thousands of families were left homeless. But your support helped provide food, clean water, tents, and generators for people struggling to survive the aftermath.

You even helped 200 injured men, women, and children receive much-needed medical care!

Of course, one of the greatest humanitarian disasters of 2021 was the fallout of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

Countless people were displaced within their own country. They couldn’t return to their homes because of ongoing violence, which meant they had little access to food, water, or shelter.

But World Help donors like you made sure they survived last year.

Your gifts impacted 140,827 refugees and displaced people from Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and other areas of conflict by providing essentials like emergency food, clean water, warm clothing and blankets, and so much more.

Without your help, people like Sara — whose name has been changed for her protection — may not have made it to the new year.

The Taliban takeover in Afghanistan left Sara’s future uncertain. She and other women suddenly couldn’t work. They were even warned not to go outside alone.

“Without your help, we have nothing,” Sara said. “No jobs, no chance to go to school, and no chance to move around like before. Thank you for not forgetting us completely, especially the women and girls.”

Because of you, people like Sara, Bruce, and Malika now have hope for a better future. Thank you for not forgetting about them. Thank you for helping transform so many lives!

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