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2021 in Review: Volunteering and hosting events

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Jan 04, 2022

Donors are the heartbeat of World Help’s mission to provide help and hope around the world.

Not only do they donate financially to meet people’s physical and spiritual needs, but they also give their time volunteering and their talents organizing fundraising events.

Watch this video to see how the World Help family went above and beyond to transform lives in 2021

Fundraising Events

Every year, members of the World Help family host several events to raise money for some of the most urgent needs around the globe. This year, donors hosted eight events, including:

– The Turkey Wobble, a Thanksgiving 5K and 10K that raised the funds to dig clean water wells for communities in need

Sweating Bullets, a skeet shooting tournament where all donations went toward shipping containers full of lifesaving supplies around the world

– The Aqua for Life Golf Tournament, which resulted in 10 new water projects for people who didn’t have access to clean water before

Evening of Hope, a fundraiser that helped expand a school in rural Burundi so hundreds of kids could get an education and have the opportunity to escape poverty

– The Kingdom Partners Golf Tournament, which made it possible to ship containers full of food, clothes, and more to families waiting for help

Run the Good Race, a 5K and 10K raising money to help girls in India and Thailand escape the sex industry

– The Night of Freedom Email Campaign, a virtual fundraiser that resulted in many boys and girls getting sponsored and receiving life-changing essentials like healthy food, clean water, medical care, educational opportunities, and more every month

– The West Coast Sand and Gravel Golf Event, where all gifts went toward providing nutritious food for hungry people


World Help volunteers gave more of their time in 2021 than ever before — 5,700 hours!

All year long, truckloads of donated clothes, shoes, medical equipment, hygiene kits, and other items arrived at World Help’s distribution center to be shipped around the globe. But these lifesaving supplies would never made it out the door if it weren’t for our volunteers.

These volunteers took the time to unbox, count, sort, and perform quality checks on the donated items before then packaging them up so they were ready to send to people in need.

Volunteers from all different backgrounds — from young kids and college students to retirees and church groups — came together to help make sure 88 containers full of aid could be shipped around the world.

Without these volunteers, the critical aid inside those containers might never have crossed the ocean and reached the hands of people struggling to survive.

Thank you to everyone who played a vital part in meeting physical and spiritual needs either by volunteering or hosting events in 2021.

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