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3 prayer requests to pray for right now

Sam Campbell
May 31, 2020

Travel is a little tricky right now.

Although your state may be lifting lockdown restrictions, you probably aren’t booking a ticket to fly around the world anytime soon. You can’t be there in the slums of Thailand passing out masks and food. You can’t treat sick children in a Haitian hospital. But you can support the people who are through your prayers.

Each week throughout this pandemic, our partners have been sharing updates about how their countries are coping and how we can be praying for them.

Here are three specific prayer requests you can add to your prayer list today:

  1. 1. Pray for Good Samaritans in Thailand risking their own health

In the crowded city of Bangkok, Thailand, there is a small district known as Bang Na. Inside this community are even more crowded slums, packed with children, the elderly, and some of Thailand’s poorest people. With the area still under lockdown, these already desperate people are now without jobs, which means they’re struggling more than ever.

Our partners visit these slums every week. They deliver donated lunch boxes full of nutritious food to families who can’t afford to feed their children.

But they have to risk their own health to do so, going into squalid conditions to pass out the aid.

Makeshift shelters line the dirty streets in these slums. Homes are often shared by multiple families, so social distancing isn’t possible. Access to hygiene is limited, and germs and disease travel quickly. Our partners are helping to combat these unsanitary conditions by passing out masks and hygiene supplies that donors provide along with the food. However, helping others in this way means they must leave the safety of their own clean, healthy homes.

Prayer request: Please pray for the health and safety of these men and women as they continue to meet the needs of people in the slums of Bang Na.

  1. 2. Pray for South Asian Christians boldly sharing the Gospel

Our South Asian partners report that this pandemic has also opened up some very important doors. When handing out groceries, masks, and sanitizers, they have had several opportunities to share the Gospel and pray with the people who are receiving aid.

“As the churches and believers show them compassion and help them with food and other basic necessities, people are more receptive to the Gospel,” one partner said.

They have been passing out Gospel tracts along with food, and many people are now interested in attending church once the pandemic is over!

In the past, some members of the community have been very anti-Christian, our partner said. “But this is the best opportunity for the church to show its generosity,” he added. “We want to be considered invaluable.”

Prayer request: Please pray our partners continue to have opportunities to share the Good News with people who have never heard it before. Please also pray for their protection since Christians in this region of the world often face persecution.

  1. 3. Pray for the front-line workers in Haiti

After being under lockdown since mid-March, Haiti’s borders have finally opened up. Haitians working in the Dominican Republic are now traveling back home … but they’re bringing the coronavirus with them.

The Dominican Republic has more cases than any other country in the Caribbean. Haiti seemed to be escaping with only a handful. Until now.

Our partners, who run a children’s home and hospital in Haiti, have already been stretched thin throughout this crisis. Several staff members have chosen to stay at the children’s home 24/7, sacrificing time with their own families to care for the kids. They have also struggled to get access to enough necessities to keep their ministry running.

“Pray for enough food and supplies for children and staff,” they said. “Pray that we can continue to keep the hospital open and find basic medical supplies we need to function.”

Prayer request: If the situation in Haiti escalates further, it will be even harder for our partners to stay operational, so please pray they receive the help they need to continue helping Haitians in desperate need.

Your prayers really do make a difference. And every time we speak to our partners around the world, they also ask us to pass along their gratitude for your prayers and support.

If you would also like to help provide lifesaving aid like food, clean water, and hygiene kits, and more to people struggling to survive the pandemic, you can do so by clicking here. Your gift could literally help save a life.

You’ll also help also help erase the financial shortfall World Help now faces since the coronavirus canceled many fundraising events. That means you will play a part in making sure this pandemic doesn’t take away lifesaving aid from those who are waiting for it.

Plus, when you give today, your gift will DOUBLE up to $235,000 thanks to a matching gift by our Board members. Every $8 is now enough to help rescue TWO people in need!

Thank you for praying for these urgent needs around the globe, and thank you for your continued love and support.

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