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3 requests Bahamians have now

Kelsey Campbell
Oct 16, 2019

Timothy and his wife Julie are eighth-generation Bahamians, and they’ve never experienced a storm like Hurricane Dorian.

Timothy said his family thought is would be “just another hurricane.” So, they did what they always did when storms came through — they boarded up everything, stayed indoors, and waited for it to pass. “But this one was a lot different,” Timothy said.

The business that Timothy and his wife helped run ended up completely under water. Now with no income, these parents of two have no idea when they’ll receive another paycheck.

Your generosity has already provided lifesaving emergency aid like food, clothing, and generators to communities where Dorian completely destroyed everything — but families like Timothy’s still need more help to begin rebuilding.

Timothy and his son, Brandon, are trying to help rebuild whatever they can on the island. But without proper materials, their community will never recover.

When asked what people in the Bahamas need right now, Timothy listed three major necessities that YOU can help with:

  1. 1. Pray for those who’ve been displaced and lost everything.

  2. 2. Provide immediate needs like electricity, food, and water.

  3. 3. Help send rebuilding supplies like power tools, plywood, and drywall.

All three of those needs are ones that you can help meet right now! Every $50 impacts one hurricane victim by providing supplies like healthy meals and generators as well as power tools, lumber, cement, and other building supplies.

And thanks to a generous matching gift, your additional gift will be DOUBLED up to $85,000.

Will you help a couple like Timothy and Julie rebuild their lives today?


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