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3 ways to be a neighbor to refugees

April Stumme
Sep 23, 2017

The parable of the Good Samaritan is a beautiful picture of what it means to be a neighbor. Jesus shows us that instead of asking if someone is our neighbor, we ought to ask how we can be neighbors to hurting people.

Technology has expanded our ability to be a neighbor by alerting us to disasters all over the world and giving us opportunities to help. People in dire circumstances often are the ones most in need of good neighbors — people such as refugees.

But this greater reach comes with its own set of challenges. How can we be neighbors to someone far away? What does it look like to be a neighbor to a refugee in Syria, Uganda, or Nigeria?

The answer to that question is simpler than you think.

Being a good neighbor looks the same, whether it’s to the person next door or someone on the other side of the world. Here are three ways you can help your neighbors — wherever they live:

1. Lend them a cup of sugar

You’ve probably given your neighbor an egg, milk, or a cup of sugar to complete a recipe. It’s easy to give an ingredient, and it’s usually a big help.

You can do this for refugees by providing food and supplies that allow them to cook and stay healthy far from home when they have no other access to nutrients.

2. Give them your hand-me-downs

When your children outgrow their clothes, what do you do? Many people offer this used clothing to a neighbor with kids so that person can save money and keep his or her own children safe from the elements.

You can enable a refugee to care for his or her children by providing blankets and warm clothing that will protect them from the harsh winter weather.

3. Help in a disaster

If your neighbor’s house burned down or his basement flooded, you would help however you could. That’s what neighbors do; they support each other through tough circumstances.

When you give to refugees, you’re helping them get through the biggest disaster of their lives. You’re giving them aid and ensuring they are cared for. And you’re showing them that someone is thinking about them and wants them to be safe and healthy.

By giving to refugees, you are living out the biblical command to love your neighbor. You are bringing the love of Jesus to people who may never have heard of Him. And you are giving them the tools they need to rebuild their lives.

You can be a good neighbor by supporting refugees today!

All it takes is $35 to provide food, clothing, and other lifesaving supplies to someone facing unimaginable circumstances.


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