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4 Ways to Pray for Rwanda

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Apr 27, 2014

For 100 days in 1994, a darkness unfolded in Rwanda that permeated the soul of every national. Hatred . . . betrayal . . . blindness. All led to a subjugation of human rights gross enough to earn Rwanda a front page in world history. Yet Rwanda has risen from a place most would think impossible. Today, it is a nation praised for its model of forgiveness, reconciliation, and forward progress.

Only by the power of God’s working can such movement come. Millions of prayers were whispered, pleaded, and shouted on behalf of Rwanda . . . and our compassionate Father heard every one.

Rebuilding Rwanda - 20 Years After Genocide

Rwanda is still in the thick of battle for healing, but God is orchestrating every step of the way. Our prayers are vibrant threads He uses to weave together healing and hope in Rwanda’s rich tapestry. Each one matters—in 1994, today, and tomorrow.

Will you join this miraculous healing with your prayers? Here are four ways to pray for Rwanda’s present and future . . .

  1. Pray for genocide survivors. Pray for the endurance of those who have chosen to forgive. For the comfort of those living in the bitterness of sorrow, still struggling to forgive. For those left vulnerable—widows, orphans, women who were violated, and those inflicted with scars that bring fresh emotional trauma on a daily basis.
  1. Pray for genocide offenders. Their actions cannot be forgotten . . . but they can be forgiven—by God and their peers. Pray that they would allow forgiveness into their lives and rest in the promise of God’s love for them.
  1. Pray for continued healing. Pray that hearts will be softened, and more Rwandans will choose to fight for reconciliation. Pray for national leaders who will promote peace and equality. Pray for individuals, communities, and organizations working to cultivate a greater hope in Rwanda. Pray that God will continue to mobilize men and women to serve as His hands and feet on the ground in Rwanda . . . and that the Gospel will be shared.
  1. Thank God for what has been accomplished in the last two decades under His loving care—widespread reconciliation that can only be inspired by the Holy Spirit’s power. Praise Him for His purpose for the people of Rwanda, and that He will never leave them or forsake them.

Rebuild Rwanda with World Help

Would you like to get involved further in Rwanda? Join World Help in our 100-day campaign to cultivate awareness and healing on behalf of these inspiring people through “Rebuilding Rwanda.” Your prayers, online advocacy, and financial gifts will bring revitalization to communities still struggling 20 years after genocide.

Possibly, you could make Rebuilding Rwanda a commemorative effort. Consider giving one of our “peace baskets” in someone’s honor. These hand-woven baskets are made by Tutsi and Hutu artisans who have chosen forgiveness and now work side by side in true reconciliation. These gifts are a beautiful symbol of peace and remembrance.

Rebuild Rwanda with World Help


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