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5 Keys to Finishing Your Fundraiser Strong

Blog Team
Mar 25, 2016

How do you make the final push to the finish line? Here are a few tips to end your fundraiser with maximum impact.

1.  Leverage Your Network

Specifically ask friends or family to share your campaign on social media. Make sure you do this strategically, and don’t forget to include the link to your fundraiser page.

Most people are more than happy to post online for a friend, especially if it’s for a good cause. This takes some pressure off you and prevents your online audiences from getting fatigued with constant donation requests.

2.  Build Suspense

One day before, or leading up to your deadline, send your supporters an email, Facebook message, or text alerting them that your deadline is fast approaching, and ask them to kindly share your donation page with others.

3.  Get Specific

If you’re still a good bit behind your goal, try asking for a specific amount of money. Giving people a concrete, simple goal (such as $25 for a deadline ending on March 25) will often produce better results than a large, ambiguous goal.

4.  See if Your Company Offers Matching Gifts

Many companies have a matching gift program that allows you to double your impact. Some matching programs even allow you to submit matching requests up to a year following your gift. Search to see if your company offers matching gifts by visiting

5.  Hustle to the Finish Line

The final days of your fundraiser give you the opportunity to meet and even exceed your clean-water goal! Now is not the time to put your feet up—yet. Work hard and trust God with the results.

And please, don’t forget to thank all your supporters when it’s over, whether your goal was met or not. They, too, have worked incredibly hard, and each one has made a difference in someone’s life.

We are so thankful for your advocacy, enthusiasm, and compassion for the world. You are truly making an eternal impact!


Be a clean water advocate wherever you go!

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