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5 life-changing Christmas gifts under $50

Blog Team
Dec 16, 2022


Are you on a budget this Christmas but still want to help people in need around the world?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

Providing help and hope doesn’t have to break the bank. The World Help Christmas Giving catalog is filled with life-changing gifts under $50.

Here are a few favorites:

1. Chickens

Chickens will supply families in need with food and income for years to come

Chickens remain one of our most popular gifts in the catalog — and for good reason. A single chicken can produce up to 200 eggs every year! Chicken eggs introduce a powerful source of protein into a family’s diet, as well as provide additional income. Plus, chickens’ nitrogen-rich fertilizer can help families grow more food.

Best of all, chickens only cost $22, which is less than half the cost of buying 200 eggs directly!

2. Clean water​

Clean water is a must for survival — but not everyone has access to this basic need

Your gift of clean water will keep people safe from waterborne diseases, allow children to attend school, and help parents have more time for work instead of spending hours fetching water. Your gift can even impact entire communities by helping keep crops watered and animals cared for, which will allow families to produce more food to eat and sell.

Just $15 provides one person with water for an ENTIRE YEAR, so it’s also one of the most budget-friendly gifts out there!

3. Bibles

Your gift will allow you to share the Gospel with people thousands of miles away!

Many people in “Bible deserts” — places where God’s Word is either illegal or hard to find — have never even held a Bible, much less owned one. But you can help change that. There’s no better time to share the Good News of Jesus Christ than at Christmas!

Every $10 you give provides one Bible, and since Bibles are commonly shared among family and friends, each Bible you give could touch as many as five lives.

4. Lifesaving supplies

You can provide emergency aid for families struggling to survive

Remember when the Russia-Ukraine war exploded in February? Or when hurricanes devastated families in Florida, Cuba, and other parts of the world? Those people needed emergency help right away — and that’s exactly what your gift of lifesaving supplies will provide when other crises arise.

Your gift will help rush essentials like food, clean water, medical care, and more to disaster victims as well as people living in extreme poverty. And thanks to grants and corporate donations, every dollar you give will multiply 16x to ship emergency aid.

That means a gift of just $30 ships $480 worth of critical supplies!

5. Where needed most

Whether people need food, medical care, or another kind of aid, your gift will help meet their most urgent needs!

Want to make sure your gift makes the greatest impact? Choose to give where needed most! When disaster strikes, your gift can provide a family with critical relief. When a child is starving, you can provide food just in time. And when someone is sick or in desperate need of medical care, your gift can help make sure he gets the attention he needs.

And thanks to a $75,000 matching gift, every $1 you give DOUBLES. That means you’ll help TWICE as many people!

You see? Providing help and hope this Christmas is more affordable than you may think.

If you’d like to see all of the life-changing gifts you can give this holiday season, check out the World Help Christmas Giving catalog.


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