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$50,000 Matching gift announced for Thanksgiving Food Drive

Over the past few months, almost all of World Help’s partners have been saying the same thing: “We need food.” Prices are soaring, and people living in extreme poverty simply can’t afford daily meals anymore.

The need is truly urgent. People are starving. So this month, I’m asking the World Help family to please give whatever amount you can to provide food and other lifesaving help for those in need.

And I’ve got great news — we just received a $50,0000 matching gift to be used by the end of November. We’re calling it our Thanksgiving Food Drive. This matching gift will DOUBLE the amount of food and other help and hope you provide.

Watch this video to see how urgent the situation is and how YOUR gift will help save lives!

Let’s make sure not a single dollar of the match goes unused!

If you are able to give just $24, your gift will DOUBLE to become $48 … enough to help four people who are starving or in need.

Your doubled gift will make a lifesaving difference this Thanksgiving season for people like Julia.

Julia is a single mother in Venezuela. She lives in an extremely poor community, where 75% of families don’t have enough to eat — and that was before prices started skyrocketing around the globe.

Starvation is such a problem in the area where Julia lives that our partners on the ground used to calculate the need by counting how many meals children miss each day. Now, it’s a question of how many days children go without eating anything at all.

“My children haven’t eaten anything in three days,” Julia said recently.

Starving girl in Venezuela
Children all across the globe, like this girl in Venezuela, are waiting for someone like YOU to send them help and hope

But the good news is you can help!

When you give your special gift by Nov. 13, you will help people like Julia’s children who are on the brink of starvation.

But your gift will also provide so much more than just food! Your generosity will also open the door for people to hear the Gospel by sending copies of God’s Word, helping plant churches, and meeting other urgent needs.

I know we’re all feeling the pinch as prices continue to climb. But as you prepare to make your Thanksgiving dinner menu and shop for groceries, please remember people like Julia who won’t have food on their tables tonight … much less on Thanksgiving Day.

Will you give a special gift today during this year’s Thanksgiving Food Drive?

Your gift will feed starving families. You’ll help save lives. You’ll show the love of God. And so much more.


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