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6 Host and hostess gifts that keep on giving

Emily Towns
Nov 22, 2019

My mother is one of the best hostesses I know. She remembers meal preferences and makes sure there is something for everyone. She stocks bathrooms with extra fluffy towels and soaps that make you feel like you’re at a luxury hotel. Most importantly, she makes sure that everyone who enters her home feels loved.

One of the best parts of the holidays is gathering with friends and family. But having people over can be stressful, even for someone who loves to entertain. And for guests, choosing a thoughtful hostess gift can be a challenge.

Do you take flowers? A nice candle? A tin of cookies? This year, why not give a gift that’s thoughtful and helps others at the same time? If you’re tired of trying to come up with new ideas, we’re here to help.

Here are some gifts from this year’s World Help Christmas Giving Catalog that will demonstrate to your host or hostess just how appreciative you are:

Make a life-changing donation in their honor

The truth is many hosts will tell you that they don’t need a physical gift — all they want is your presence! One way to show you care, while still respecting their wishes, is by giving a gift to someone in need in their honor. By meeting the physical needs of an impoverished person, you demonstrate hospitality on a global scale.

Choose to donate a gift that reminds you of your hosts or reflects their personality in some way, such as …

A pair of shoes

Some hosts like for you to remove your shoes when you enter their home. But in many countries, that’s not even an option. Many families are unable to buy shoes for their children — an issue that keeps kids from attending school when the dress code requires them. On behalf of your host, give a pair of shoes to a child in need, and give him access to a brighter future.

Do your hosts always have a delicious spread of food prepared for you? If cooking is one of the ways that they show love, honor that by donating a year’s worth of healthy food to a starving child in their name.  Your gift will make sure one boy or girl receives the nutrition needed to grow healthy and strong. You could even help save a life!

Many girls in India and Thailand are trapped in cultures that say their only worth is found in the money they earn by selling their bodies. But you can donate to help introduce a girl to freedom by providing essentials like a safe place to live, a supportive community, medical care, counseling, and outreach. She will have the chance to pursue an education or train for a vocation that she will love. And for possibly the very first time, she will feel cherished and welcomed — just like you do while visiting with your hosts.

When making your donation in honor of someone, be sure to choose the e-card option or request a free greeting card during checkout so you can share with your host about the impact of their gift.

Choose gifts from our fair-trade marketplace

Maybe you still want to give a gift you can wrap to the host at your next party or gathering. If so, then these one of a kind, international merchandise items may be for you. Each item supports hardworking artisans so they can provide for their families’ needs. On top of that, every $1 spent on merchandise provides a meal for a starving child.

These are just a few of our favorite merchandise items for the perfect host or hostess in your life:

Hand-carved Christmas ornament

These beautiful doves are carved from the branches of a Jacaranda tree in Rwanda. Each is unique and the perfect way to say Merry Christmas to your host or hostess.

Iraqi refugees make these allergen-free soaps by hand. Your host or hostess will be proud to display them in a guest bathroom.

Handwoven by women in Bangladesh, this bag is durable, easy to clean, and able to hold any groceries or supplies that a host could need.

This Christmas, thank your hosts by giving a gift that will help make someone’s life happier and healthier over the next year.

Still not seeing the perfect gift? Click the button below to browse the entire Christmas Giving catalog for more options.


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