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A 2.5-hour bike ride for a copy of God’s Word

  • January 16, 2021
Blog Team
Blog Team

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As Leena pedaled up the steep hill, she knew she was getting closer.

Straining with each push, her legs ached. Leena had to keep going, though. Because at the end of her journey, there was a Bible waiting for her.

Weeks before this trek, Leena had never heard the Gospel. She didn’t know about Jesus. And she’d certainly never read the Bible. But when our partners started sharing God’s love in her village, Leena grew curious.

Leena longed for a Bible even though she knew it would come with risks.

Christ-followers in the area of South Asia where Leena lives often face persecution, which is why we’ve changed her name. Very few people there know about Jesus. In fact, our partners believe they are the first group to ever bring the Gospel message to Leena’s village.

“This girl was very interested to know about Christ,” one of our partners said.

Unfortunately, the ministry team didn’t have a Bible to give Leena when they first met. They shared as much as they could about Jesus before they had to move on to the next village.

Still, Leena kept in touch with them even after they left, asking questions and wanting to learn more. Then, one day, Leena received the most exciting news: our partners had just received a package of Bibles — all thanks to generous donors like you.

As soon as Leena heard this, she jumped on her bike and headed in their direction. She traveled 2.5 hours by bicycle to receive a copy of the Bible!

Now, she gets to read and learn from God’s Word every day for the rest of her life.

And Leena isn’t the only one eager to learn about Jesus either. As the rest of the Bibles are being distributed, entire families are studying them and coming to Christ. The Gospel is spreading across South Asia!

Thanks to the support of the World Help family, 1,375 Bibles are being taken door to door in villages near Leena’s. Each family is receiving their own copy of God’s Word. And since most families have five to eight members, that means these Bibles will impact at least 6,875 people!

Of course, there are many people around the world who are still waiting for God’s Word. Click the button below to learn how you can help answer their prayer for Bibles today.

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