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A Bible is more than a book to people like Farid

Vernon Brewer
Jul 24, 2022

Our partner in Iran recently received a phone call from Farid, a new Christ-follower.

Farid was ecstatic that he’d finally received his first Bible. He wanted to thank everyone involved in getting it to him — including our Bibles for All Ambassadors who made it possible.

In the United States, it’s common for households to own at least one Bible. This isn’t the case in Iran, where following Jesus can lead to years in prison – or worse.

When a former Muslim like Farid reads the Bible and decides to follow Christ, their homes are often raided and destroyed. They can even be arrested and sentenced for “crimes,” like threatening national security or inciting violence. It’s because of these risks that I’ve had to change Farid’s name to protect his identity.

But even in the face of the harsh persecution, many people in Iran are hungry for God’s Word. In fact, Iran is home to one of the fastest-growing underground churches in the world … and World Help’s Bibles for All Ambassadors are helping to make that possible.

Iranians are reading the Gospel for the very first time because of Bibles for All Ambassadors

Bibles for All Ambassadors are a special group of donors who give every month to provide Bibles to people in Iran and all over the world. Their support allows our partners to print and secretly distribute the Scriptures so they get into the hands of people like Farid.

For Farid, his Bible is more than just a book. It’s a source of hope and salvation that he plans to pass down for generations.

And Farid isn’t alone in wanting to share what he is learning from the Scriptures.

Most people who receive a Bible from a Bibles for All Ambassador share that copy of God’s Word with their family and friends, impacting at least five people!

Our partners in Iran have a goal to print 200,000 Persian New Testaments and complete copies of the Bible this year to distribute in Iran and beyond.

If each one of those Bibles reaches five people, just imagine how much more the Iranian underground church is going to grow!

But in order to reach that goal, they need help.

Click the button below to learn how you can become a Bibles for All Ambassador and help provide Bibles for Iran and all around the globe.

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