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A Christmas update from Children of the World!

Blog Team
Dec 23, 2016

“Can we play in it? Can we?” the children begged as they peered out the bus window at the magical, white dust covering the ground. 

The bus had barely come to a halt when the children piled out and huddled around a small patch of snow in amazement. They each took turns scooping up the sparkling fluff in their hands — for the first time in their lives they were holding snow.

It was an enchanting moment for the children, and the holiday season had only just begun!

The team enjoyed an incredible Thanksgiving vacation together at Camp CHOF in Dalton, Ohio, where they played games, learned new Christmas carols, enjoyed their very first Thanksgiving feast, and spent time relaxing together as a team.

In December, the children ushered in the Christmas spirit in churches all along the East Coast, singing carols including Joy to the World and Welcome to our World.

In Charleston, South Carolina, they journeyed through more than three miles and over 700 light displays at the Holiday Festival of Lights!

The choir also visited Columbia’s Riverbanks Zoo where they saw “The King of the Jungle,” fed giraffes (with their surprisingly long tongues), and saw birds as colorful as a rainbow!

In the past few months, the team has had the honor of visiting churches in Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Georgia, and they are looking forward to celebrating Christmas together in Florida!

“We can’t believe our travels have taken us almost halfway through our tour! We are thankful for the wonderful times we’ve spent together this far and are looking forward to many adventures ahead!” said Jenn Feister, co-team leader.

Thank you for your continued support of this incredible group of children. Although they have had many exciting adventures already this year, what they have enjoyed most is making such wonderful memories with you!

In the past six months, the children have learned about the love of Jesus in deeper ways, but seeing it lived out through your warm hospitality and generous support has profoundly impacted their lives.

This Christmas, you can support the choir’s ongoing ministry by providing a gift that will go directly toward the cause closest to their hearts — impoverished children.

Any gift you give today will help reverse the debilitating effects of poverty in the life of a child through nourishing meals, basic medical care, education, and more.

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Please take a moment to watch this special Christmas message to all of our friends across the nation!

Wishing you a joyful holiday season from our family to yours!


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