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A Generation Transformed: Hope for Nepal’s Children

Vernon Brewer
Feb 19, 2013

Today, I spent time with dozens of Nepal’s future leaders . . . children whose lives have been rescued from suffering and abandonment, class oppression, and the crippling effects of poverty. Children who were once unwanted but now have found a place to call home . . . and a hope that is propelling them to change the world they live in.


Our team was greeted with songs, smiles, and joyful reunions with former members of the Children of the World choir. Here’s a brief clip of our team with some of the children:

The need here is absolutely incredible: Over two-thirds of the entire population of Nepal is made up of young people. It’s one of the fastest growing nations in the world . . . and probably one of the most difficult places to live.

For centuries, Nepalese society has been separated into classes. A person’s birthright is synonymous with his destiny, and members of the lowest caste are seen as dispensable—sold into sexual slavery, victimized by exploitative industries, and exposed to the growing AIDS epidemic. Each and every one of these children I met today are miracles . . . by all odds, it’s incredible they’re even alive.

Nepali Child

More than 400 boys and girls are being educated, fed, clothed, and cared for in Nepal through the gift of sponsorship. The model of sponsorship here is to place children in small, family-like units where they can receive individual attention and build healthy relationships.

Grace Home

Since nearly 50 percent of Nepal’s work force struggles with underemployment, education is one of the highest priorities for the children. We want to provide lasting, sustainable transformation . . . and offer solutions to escape poverty and create dignity is a crucial part of this strategy.

But none of this could be accomplished without the generosity of World Help sponsors and the passionate vision and extraordinary dedication of one of my dearest friends—long-time World Help partner, Pastor Kam. The future of the next generation is not only promising, it’s full of hope.


This incredible man risks his life every day for the sake of these children . . . for the sake of the Gospel . . . and has paid a high price for it over the years.

I’ll never forget that moment, several years ago, when my phone rang in the middle of the night. A trembling voice on the other end was speaking so fast, I could barely understand the words. It was Kam . . . something was terribly wrong.

He told me that Maoist terrorists had barged into his home, pointing guns and shouting threats. As Kam continued, the magnitude of his words began to sink in: “The terrorists told me to leave now with the children, and if we’re still here tomorrow, they will kill us.” The children Kam was speaking of were 52 of our sponsored children . . . and they were absolutely terrified.

Through God’s provision, we were able to get Kam and the children to safety in the capital city of Kathmandu. It was a glimpse of harsh reality—a reminder to me of the lengths our partners go to every day to continue reaching the helpless and the hopeless. They are willing to sacrifice everything . . . their health, their homes—even their lives.

Many years before this—when he was barely a year old—Kam’s mother died. At a young age, he dropped out of school and began selling drugs on the street in order to survive. Soon, he became an addict, plagued by constant fear and deep-seeded despair.

One day, a Bible camp was held in Kam’s village. He went to the camp and miraculously accepted Christ that night. God gave him a vision to reach those who had never heard and to minister to children who had no other hope. He has relentlessly held to this mission ever since.

Nepali children

Kam is on the front line of World Help’s church-planting efforts in some of the most remote, unreached places on earth. I’ll tell you more about this in tomorrow’s post—it’s truly extraordinary what God is using him to do.

It’s partners like Kam who are making a difference that will live on into eternity—thousands of lives will never be the same because he decided to follow God’s calling on his life. I can’t wait to tell you more.

I want to leave you with one last video clip—a glimpse of the hope you’re providing through your support as a sponsor of a child in Nepal. Take a minute and listen to this song from the children, and thank you for all you’re doing to help restore a generation of young people in Jesus’ name.


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