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A meal plan that saves lives

Emily Towns
Mar 04, 2019

Stomach cramping and growling, Katherine pulls herself out of bed every morning and wonders if today will be the day she eats again. She looks around her family’s home, studying the bare shelves and the empty containers. Katherine’s optimism begins to fade.

At 15, her body should be growing taller; instead, she is starting to wither away. But it isn’t herself she is worried about. If she doesn’t find a way to get some food, her two younger siblings will starve.

Children like Katherine and her siblings need food if they are going to have a chance at life. And right now, you can give it to them for just $40.

That’s less than most weekly meal subscription boxes. But instead of getting a week’s worth of groceries shipped to your house, you will provide food for one starving child around the world for an entire year!

The struggle to provide food for her family weighs constantly on Katherine’s mind. It is a weight no 15-year-old child should have to bear.

It wasn’t always this way. Katherine’s stepfather was never around much, but her mother worked hard to provide for her three children. Although they were poor, they at least had food to eat. Recently, however, Katherine’s mother has developed many serious health problems. She is unable to work, leaving Katherine as the sole breadwinner. There is never enough food.

They are starving, and they aren’t the only ones.

Right now, many people around the world are struggling to survive a hunger crisis. Famine, poverty, illness, and war have left families like Katherine’s without access to food … and nowhere to turn for help. For growing children, long- term hunger is crippling or even deadly.

Katherine should be attending school and dreaming about the future. Instead, she has dropped out so she can scavenge for food for her mother and her two younger siblings.

Even if she went to class, Katherine knows she wouldn’t be able to concentrate. One of the ways starvation and malnutrition impact a child is by affecting their mental development. Not having enough to eat causes dizziness, loss of focus, and a lack of energy. Eventually, starvation makes it too difficult to even walk to school.

Starvation also steals a person’s ability to fight off diseases and other health issues. But right now, you can help fight hunger on a child’s behalf.

For $40, you will help provide a year’s worth of nutritious food to a starving child like Katherine. Your gift will not only nourish a child’s growing body, but it will also relieve the terrible burden his parents feel as they helplessly watch their child waste away.

By sending food, you will help save a child’s life … and give her back her future.

Katherine wakes up every day wondering, “Will I eat today?” Please give now to help make sure one child doesn’t have to ask that question again.


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