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A North Korean Christian’s single greatest desire

Kelsey Campbell
Nov 12, 2018

“If I could just praise my God in public and then die, I would die content.”

Freedom is all Won wanted. But it wasn’t the freedom to vote or read an uncensored newspaper. Instead, it was the freedom to worship her Heavenly Father.

“I want to sing praises to my God at the top of my voice, with all my heart in front of any number of people,” Won explained. 

We’ve changed Won’s name to keep her identity a secret because it’s illegal to be a Christian in North Korea.

But North Korean Christians aren’t ashamed of their faith, and that’s why they’re desperately asking for more Bibles to be smuggled into their country. They want to worship God out in the open, but for now they have to settle for reading His Word in secret.

Unfortunately, many can’t even do that. Bibles are so rare that most North Korean believers have never even seen a Bible.

But today, you can give one North Korean Christian a Bible of his own. All it takes is $10 to print, ship, and secretly distribute a Bible so it arrives in the hands of someone who is pleading for the comfort of the Scriptures.  

Their greatest desire is one we often take for granted.

As Christians in the U.S., we can sing praises to God as loud as we want. We can read our Bibles out in the open without fear of being arrested. We can gather with family and friends and pray aloud. But believers in North Korea don’t have those luxuries.

They know they can be sent to a labor camp or even executed simply for owning a Bible. Yet, they still yearn for the opportunity to pore over God’s Word for themselves.

Won has made it her mission to make sure her fellow North Korean believers get that chance. When she secretly contacted our partner asking for more Bibles to distribute, he asked if she was worried about the danger.

“What else can they do but kill me?” Won asked. To Christians like her, spreading the Gospel throughout North Korea is the most important thing — no matter the risk.

Will you help brave, persecuted believers like Won by sending a Bible today?

For just $10, you can give a North Korean believer what he desires most.


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