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A powerful Father’s Day gift

Emily Towns
Jun 17, 2018

When I was a little girl, I often woke up with bad dreams.

I would run to my parents for comfort. My mom would sing to me, and my dad would pray, reminding me that God was always with me. He told me that when I was afraid, all I had to do was speak God’s Word out loud.

I picked a few verses and committed them to memory. The next time I had a bad dream, I said those verses out loud — and my fear went away.

I don’t have so many bad dreams now that I’m an adult. But when life is hard, I still remember the verses my dad taught me. During moments of doubt or uncertainty, I recite those verses and I’m immediately reminded of God’s presence and provision.

The Bible is a powerful tool, and my dad used it to teach and encourage me.

 Countless fathers around the world wish they could do the same. In places such as North Korea, Syria, and Nigeria, violence is a regular part of life. It can be terrifying for young children, and fathers yearn to comfort their kids with words from Jesus.

There’s just one problem — many of these fathers have never even seen a Bible!

They live in Bible deserts, countries where copies of God’s Word are either illegal or very difficult to find. The only truths they know about Jesus is what they’ve heard from other believers.

Pointing their children to the Scriptures is impossible when they don’t have Bibles of their own.

But you can change that. By providing a Bible, you will impact not only a father, but also his entire family.

Today, on Father’s Day, you can provide a Bible to help one father grow in his faith and teach his children important biblical principles.

All it takes is $5 to give a Bible to someone who has never owned one.

Send a Bible today and encourage one father as he shares God’s Word with his children.

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