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A refugee needs your help to survive the winter

Vernon Brewer
Nov 15, 2018

Freezing to death is probably not something you’ve ever had to worry about. But it’s a very real threat for refugees living in northern Iraq and Syria.

Refugee families are counting down the days until the temperature drops and the freezing winds blow. They aren’t prepared for what is coming. They have no money to buy supplies because they left everything behind when they had to run.

Many will die if help doesn’t arrive in time.

But for just $35, you can provide $189 worth of winter supplies and other lifesaving aid to a desperate refugee. Every dollar you give multiplies FIVE TIMES, providing essentials like:

  • • Blankets and heaters
  • • Warm clothing and shoes
  • • Emergency food
  • • Medicine and medical supplies
  • • And more

You’ll help rescue a refugee struggling to survive … a refugee like Amir.

You’ll help rescue a refugee struggling to survive … a refugee like Amir.

Although I’ve changed Amir’s name to protect him, he is a real refugee forced by ISIS to flee his home. He and his family now live in a thin tent in a refugee camp.

Their tent has no heater, and they have few blankets, warm clothing, or shoes to provide protection against the winter weather. When the snow and freezing rain begin to fall in the coming months, Amir’s children will have nothing standing between them and the bone-chilling cold … unless someone helps.

All Amir dreams of are nice, warm blankets to keep his family from getting sick.

Amir has been through tragedy after tragedy. He lost his leg while serving in the army. And when ISIS arrived, he lost almost everything else. They forced him from his beautiful home and stole his land, his belongings, and his life savings.

He should not have to freeze to death, too.

Like so many refugees, Amir doesn’t have the money to buy what he needs to stay warm. There are few jobs in the refugee camps … especially for an amputee. What little money Amir does receive has to go toward food.

Will you help make sure one refugee like Amir doesn’t have to choose between starving or freezing this winter?

Your $35 gift will be combined with corporate donations and grants to provide $189 worth of blankets, heaters, other lifesaving winter supplies, emergency food, and more. That means your impact multiplies 5X!

You can help a refugee survive.

Refugees often resort to drastic measures to keep warm in the winter. I’ve heard stories of families burning their shoes for a few moments of heat. It’s a temporary solution that leaves refugees worse off than when they started.

But you can provide refugees with lasting solutions — blankets, coats, and heaters that will keep them warm all winter long.

Amir and other refugees around the world are waiting for help. And they can’t wait much longer. Winter will be here next month … they need your help right now! 

Please make a gift today. Refugees’ lives are on the line. Act now and save a life!


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