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A shipping container saved a baby born during Cyclone Idai

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Sep 26, 2019

As the forceful winds shook her home, Chipo was more focused on the storm raging inside her body.

Contraction after contraction surged through her as Cyclone Idai hit Zimbabwe. And as the weather worsened, so did Chipo’s labor pains. She knew she needed to get to the hospital before the roads flooded. But she’d have to brave the journey alone since her husband needed to stay behind and secure the house for the storm.

Chipo never saw her husband again. At age 24, she became a widow.

Cyclone Idai took everything from Chipo … her house, her husband. And it almost took her newborn.

At the hospital, Chipo gave birth to a healthy boy, but she could no longer take her child home. Everything she once had was gone — washed away by the historic storm.

With no possessions and no husband to help financially, Chipo had no idea how she’d provide for her son. She couldn’t even afford to buy clothes for her baby.

And the new mom knew that without formula, wipes, diapers, clean water, and other essentials, she would lose her child … just like she had lost everything else.

Then a shipment of baby care kits and other relief items arrived in Zimbabwe — provided by generous donors. Chipo still has a long road ahead of her, but she is so grateful that her child is safe and now has the clothes and other necessities he needs.

When you help ship vital supplies that are waiting in our warehouse, you are sending lifesaving essentials. 

Right now, we have medical equipment, clothing, food packs, and other aid waiting to send to people struggling to survive. But we need your help to cover the cost of shipping.

These essentials can be the difference between life and death for a person like Chipo.

And because your gift is combined with corporate donations and grants, it multiplies 33X, meaning a gift of just $30 will ship an incredible $990 worth of aid.

To learn how you can help mothers like Chipo, click the button below.


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