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A Thanksgiving Message from Children of the World

Blog Team
Nov 26, 2015

This Thanksgiving, the Children of the World choir is ushering in the holiday season with glowing excitement and hearts full of gratitude . . .

Watch Happy Thanksgiving from the Children of the World! on Vimeo

It has been a thrilling season for the choir already this year—exploring exciting cities, museums, and points of interest throughout the U.S., building meaningful friendships, growing in team unity, laughing until it hurts, and participating in heartfelt worship in churches across the nation.

Some of the children have even had the opportunity to meet their sponsors! This has helped the children gain a whole new understanding of how child sponsorship works and just how deeply they are cared for . . . even from all the way around the world.

The past few months have certainly been full for the Children of the World, and their hearts are bursting with joy this holiday season!

Here are a few highlights from our adventures on tour . . .


Shortly after setting out on the road, the children had the chance to try something they never thought they would—milking cows at Organic Valley Farm!



“I loved it when we got to go to New York City!” Lale said, recounting his favorite memory on tour so far. Exploring the Big Apple was a major highlight for all of the children early this year—it was everything they dreamed of and more.


Visiting the Creation Museum was another fun experience the children had this fall. The children found the interactive exhibits both challenging and intriguing, and they walked away with a better understanding of the design behind God’s creation.



Jofel didn’t take long to decide on his favorite activity on tour so far, as he exclaimed, “I loved swimming in the ocean!” The team spent an unforgettable day on the shores of Myrtle Beach playing in the waves and soaking in the sun.


Perhaps the most surprising of all the favorite things mentioned by the children was doing schoolwork. “My favorite thing about being in America is when we do school, especially spelling, reading in English, and Math,” Erman said.

Kim & Esther - cyrus photo[1]

Esther had an unforgettable experience meeting her sponsor, Kim, at Christ’s Community Church in Portsmouth, Ohio. Though a little shy at first, Esther was thrilled to meet and spend time with her sponsor—the very person making her dreams possible.

Meeting Esther made everything become so real for me,” Kim said. “I felt so many emotions. Now that I’ve met her, I can’t quit thinking about her. To see how healthy she is makes me happy . . . my sponsorship is giving her a future. I am so thankful to World Help for this opportunity to serve the Lord!”

– – –

It’s only been four months since the 2015-16 Rescue Tour hit the road and it’s already been a life-changing experience for the entire team. But out of all the amazing memories already made this year, the best of all have been the simple, quiet nights spent together as a team.

“We love the times we are all together—laughing, playing games, and sharing stories,” Joanna said.

This Thanksgiving, we are deeply thankful for the warmth and love you’ve shown the choir already this year. You are providing these children with memories they’ll never forget. Thank you for filling their hearts with joy this holiday season!

Happy Thanksgiving on behalf of the Children of the World team!


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