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We are compassionate. We are collaborative. We are effective. We are entrepreneurial. We are responsible. We are working together so that we can equip and empower people, like you, to bring help and hope to people around the world. We invite you to meet the people on our team.


Leadership Team

Vernon Brewer

Vernon Brewer

President and Chief Executive Officer

Vernon’s visionary leadership fuels the creation and development of every facet of World Help. He travels extensively yearround to oversee our strategic projects overseas, invest in the growth of partners, and personally introduce donors to the needs of impoverished communities around the world. Vernon is also a renowned speaker on college campuses, churches, and conference venues nationwide. In his free time, you can find him at the ball field with his wife, Patty, cheering on their grandsons.

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Noel Yeatts with Ethiopian Woman

Noel Brewer Yeatts

Vice President

Noel’s extensive expertise in the areas of advocacy and engagement has propelled World Help to unprecedented levels of growth and exposure in recent years. She personally spearheads both causelife and Operation Baby Rescue initiatives, playing an active role in campaign planning. Noel regularly takes the stage for speaking engagements and advocacy events around the country and has been widely recognized for her groundbreaking book Awake: Doing a World of Good One Person at a Time.

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Tom Thompson

Senior Vice President

Tom’s commitment to our global church planting efforts has enabled the Gospel to go forth to some of the most unreached and persecuted areas in the world. His deliberate work to forge strategic partnerships and improve current programs has paved the way for millions to experience the hope of Christ. Working closely alongside Vernon, Tom’s passion is to communicate the vision of World Help to individuals and churches in search of meaningful ways to make a difference.


David Day

Chief Operating Officer

David’s mastery of organizational logistics, financial stewardship, and day-to-day operations enables World Help to function efficiently and effectively on all levels. Harnessing his love for sports, David emphasizes teamwork and intentional communication in and between departments, galvanizing our staff together on a mission for excellence.


Mark Hogsed

Vice President of International Programs

Mark uses his exceptional organizational skills to oversee the production, implementation, completion, and sustained health of each of our international projects. His knowledge in global partnerships and strategic planning has proven invaluable for the growth of our programs as a whole. Mark’s passion for cultivating strong partner relationships has opened countless doors for future growth and development.


Allyn Lyttle

Director of Communications

Allyn’s incredible talent and passion radiates through every aspect of World Help’s creative vision, expertly crafting visual media campaigns, overseeing content production, and conceptualizing design for innovative print pieces. His love for excellence and eye for detail has propelled World Help’s communications presence to new heights, sharing a vibrant vision of help and hope through his unwavering commitment to artistic distinction.


Board of Directors

Dr. F. Vernon Brewer, World Help, President/CEO, Mr. Lester E. “Skip” Taylor, Chairman, Mr. Jay Ault, Mrs. Kristen Chambers, Mrs. Robin Chilton, Secretary, Mr. Scott Griffin*, Mr. Kirk Litton*, Mr. David Loveland*, Mr. Johnnie Moore, Mr. Harvey Saarloos, Mrs. Kathy Sarantos*, Mr. J.J. Thomason (Jody)*, Dr. David (Tom) Thompson, Mr. Cotton Verhoeven*, Mrs. Louanne R. Guillermin, Board Emeritus

*Independent Voting Board Member

Advisory Board

Rev. Tony Foglio Sr., Chairman, Rev. Chuck Carver, Mr. Jonathan Chambers, Mr. Craig Chilton, Mr. Jerry Collins, Rev. Jim Foglio, Mr. Joe Foglio, Rev. Tony Foglio Jr., Rev. Bob Hart, Mr. Victor Hester, Mr. Hank Hobbs, Dr. Richard Lane, Rev. John Lloyd, Mr. John Midose, Mr. Bill Murray, Mr. Doug Parks, Mr. Ed Ploeger, Rev. Butch Pursley, Mr. Greg Pyke, Mr. Ron Rogers, Mr. Curt Streelman, Mr. Dennis Trine, Mr. Josh Thomson, Mr. Russell Verhoeven