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Advent: the season of light

Kelsey Campbell
Dec 22, 2017

Savita stooped to place flowers, sweets, and coins before the idols at the temple in his Indian village. He gave as much as he could in order to find favor with the Hindu gods.

But day after day as he lit another candle at an idol’s feet, he felt empty … his offerings never seemed to make a difference. His entire family was struggling financially. He was physically and mentally weary. No matter how much he gave, he couldn’t seem to please the Hindu gods.

Then Savita heard about a prayer meeting in his village — but this meeting wasn’t happening in the Hindu temple. And Savita had never heard of the God the people were praying to … a God who also was a man named Jesus. Savita went to the prayer meeting and gave his life to Christ.

Today is Day 22 of our Advent calendar on Instagram Stories. And today, we’re celebrating the gift of church planting!

This gift brings the light of the Gospel to people like Savita who live in spiritual darkness. In so many places around the world, people are trying to earn favor and prosperity. But your gift allows a church planter to tell them our God is a God of mercy and grace.


When Savita visited the church planted in his village, he learned truths that changed his life forever. “Jesus can heal you, forgive your sins, bless you, [and] be with you,” he said.

Jesus was unlike any other god Savita had heard about. For once in his life, Savita considered what it would be like to not have to earn salvation. For once in his life, he discovered the concept of grace.

“[The pastor said] to claim everything from this Jesus Christ, I need not spend money,” Savita said. “I just had to surrender my life to Him. I thank Jesus for considering me worthy and forgiving my sins.”

Savita would never have heard the Gospel if it weren’t for generous donors who helped plant a church in his community.

This Christmas season, will you consider giving the gift of the Gospel by providing a church plant in a village like Savita’s? For just $100, you can help share the Good News with people who are desperate to hear the message of grace!


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