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Advent: the season of joy

Kelsey Campbell
Dec 15, 2017

After Irish’s father tragically drowned, her mother struggled to support her five children with the little money she earned as a farmworker in the fields of India. The family couldn’t afford nutritious food, and Irish and her siblings were often sick.

Who would expect joy to make its way back into this devastated family?

But one surprising gift changed everything.

We hope you’ve been following our Advent calendar on Instagram Stories! If you have, you’ve already seen what changed Irish’s life. It was our featured gift on Day 12 — cows!

When generous donors provided Irish’s school with dairy cows, her health immediately began to improve — and so did her joyful spirits. Thanks to the cows, the school staff was able to give each student glasses of nutrient-rich milk every day.

“I love milk,” Irish said. “It has always been a dream of mine to have a cup of milk in the morning just like all the other children in the town. I deeply enjoy seeing my little sisters drink up their milk to the very last drop.”

This great gift of nutrition isn’t lost on a little girl who has experienced tragedy and poverty at such a young age.

“Now I am healthy and strong,” she said. “I praise God for His blessing on me. His unfailing love has always been my great provider and refuge.”

Cows provide healthier diets for families like Irish’s. Not only that, but extra milk can be sold for additional income, and fertilizer is vital for healthy gardens.

A cow isn’t a short-term fix; it’s a complete shift in someone’s future.

By giving livestock or another life-changing gift to someone in need … you’ll be helping to spread joy all over the world this Christmas!


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