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Advisory Board Information Packet and Self-Assessment

Dear Advisory Board,

Thank you so much for your service over the past year. Your dedication and diligent service are assets to this organization, and I know that Vernon and Noel are especially grateful for your unwavering support.

In accordance with the guidelines for Advisory Board Re-enlistment, please review the information below.

All forms should be submitted by April 15, 2019.

Again, I am so grateful for your continued service on the Advisory Board of World Help. Thank you for your prompt response to this request.


Jonathan Chambers, Chairman of the Advisory Board

Self-Assessment for the Advisory Board of World Help

Service on the World Help Advisory Board is both an honor and a serious responsibility. Because the Advisory Board strives to achieve the highest possible levels of commitment and performance for itself and for its members, all directors eligible for renomination to new terms are asked to respond candidly to this survey, which is shared confidentially with only the Chairman and President. Its purpose is to enable World Help to have a clearer understanding of how you view your experiences and contributions to the Advisory Board’s work and responsibilities, your wishes about the possibility of continuing your service, and your suggestions to help us to take fuller advantage of your talents and interests. This information supplements what is already known about your commitment to our organization’s mission and purposes, and we appreciate you providing it.

Please complete the below survey by April 15, 2019. Submissions will be automatically sent to Krystle Hicks, who will then forward them to the Chairman of the Advisory Board. Thank you very much!

Thank you. Please do not refresh the page while we process your transaction.